Via Launches Isaiah: 64-bit Low-Power, High-Performance Processors

EngadgetHD writes:

"Via's on the CPU warpath today, announcing a new line of 64-bit 65nm processors, dubbed Isaiah. The little Bible-themed chip-maker that withstood the AMD-Intel duopoly where others, like Transmeta, folded, is claiming that their new architecture, developed in conjunction with subsidiary Centaur, is four times as efficient as current generation Via CPUs, while remaining pin-compatible with C7 chips, as well as retaining the same thermal envelope (read: they don't make any more heat). Available in clock speeds up to 2GHz (to start) with FSBs at 800 and 1,333MHz, dual 64KB L1 caches, 1MB L2 cache, and Adaptive PowerSaver energy reduction technology, expect these chips to start showing up in the first half of this year."

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ravenguard883677d ago

It's good to see a new runner in the race.

JosefTor3677d ago

I remember when it was Intel at the top with Cyrix and AMD picking up the scraps. I had friends that swore Cyrix was going to win. I believe that Via bought out Cyrix. Is that correct?

ravenguard883674d ago

I honestly could not tell you.

I never really considered the idea of ever having a PC with something other than Intel or AMD.