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Submitted by MacDonagh 1299d ago | news

Valve Would Consider Cloud-Gaming If Customers Like Gaikai

Steam may end up offering streaming game services - but will likely wait for the cloud gaming market to prove itself first. (Industry, Steam)

The_Infected  +   1300d ago
With their game library OnLive would die. Also it would give Sony/Gaikai a good run also. Valve could launch a Micro Console like OnLive which would be great!
Patriots_Pride  +   1299d ago
Not to mention having HL EP3 exclusive to Steam.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1299d ago
Yea it could be the rumored steambox and i would buy it if it allowed me to play all games on Steam.
Moncole  +   1299d ago
Or they can team up with Onlive.
raytraceme  +   1299d ago
If valve and sony teamed up and merged its divisions then the ps4 would have the biggest fanbase and return to being king of the consoles. But one can only dream.
palaeomerus  +   1299d ago
This is not an article about Sony. Valve is talking about competing with Gaikai not using it or licensing it.
Psycho_PS3Truthh  +   1299d ago
Valve better consider it done soon because the PS4 will be leaving all platforms on the earth for dead when the master piece the PS4 release within society. The things that sony will do with gaikai and the PS4 next generation combine will be as powerful as the existence of the internet it self. The PS4 will lead us into a era where it will be the first true omnipresent device on earth.
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Series_IIa  +   1299d ago
Yeah, the next consoles might do 1080p this time!
Psycho_PS3Truthh  +   1299d ago
Actually it is said that sony one of the makers of future 4k and far future 8k television will be utilizing 4k for next gen PS4, as long we buy a 4k tv next year when release we will be getting the highest resolution money can buy. Our games on the PS4 will be the most beautiful games in the history of all things gaming.
Somebody  +   1299d ago
Sony is also said to be the maker of 1080p television right now but most of its PS3 games don't even go there.

And yet Apple is the one who released a display that goes beyond 1080p for its devices.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1299d ago
Ahaha it's funny that you praise Playstation so much.
SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   1299d ago
JBSleek  +   1299d ago

There is no native support for 4k and won't be for quite some time outside of select few Hollywood movies.

You would need a new disk format to even utilize 4k and multiple HDMI ports. Therefore Sony "supporting" 4K is irrelevant as they won't release 4K content.
ikkybiodcrane   1299d ago | Spam
grailly  +   1299d ago
gaikai would be so awesome with the steam library, if that happened gaikai would immediately jump to my most used gaming plateform

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