DarkEden gets a new Race

DarkEden, a MMO by Joymax for the PC, is adding a new race to the mix. The "Ouster" brings the total amount of selectable races in the game up to three. Each race has their own abilities and individual weapons, so the addition of the third race adds even more diversity to the game.

Press release as follows:

Joymax, an independent developer of interactive entertainment for the global market, has introduced a third race, called "Ouster," to its vampire-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Darkeden. A unique race that is half vampire and half human, the Ousters can use special summoning magic and wield bladed weapons called "Chakrams."

New players can now receive special beginners' gear when they join the game. Available for the first 14 days of play, the gear will better prepare neophyte gamers to experience the dark, gothic world of Darkeden.

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