Battlefield 3: Armored Kill – All Map Names Revealed, More On Gameplay and Level Design

MP1st - DICE Senior Developers Niklas Fegraeus and Gustav Halling give Battlefield fans a deeper look into the upcoming Armored Kill expansion pack, revealing all four new map names.

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Ken222254d ago

This is where my Support class will shine C4 on the quads and run straight into the enemy genius :D.

Blastoise2254d ago

This looks awesome, but for 4 maps for what is probably going to be about £12...looks like it might be some more BF3 DLC that I'll give a miss..

h311rais3r2254d ago

It's not just maps bud....10 new vehicles, new game mode, 4 massive maps, 10 new assignments and Unlockables....for 12£ that's cheap....but I have premium.

Reverent2254d ago

*5 new vehicles. Still totally worth it though.

Straightupbeastly2254d ago

I'm tired of hearing about this game

mafiahajeri2254d ago

I guess not tired enough that you have the strength to come comment on BF3 articles.

Laxman2254d ago

Im tired of hearing people say that.

yoyo121212254d ago Show
TedCruzsTaint2254d ago

And I'm tired of hearing about Skyrim, but I have the common sense to stay out of articles about the game.

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