Is Playstation All-Stars Smashing Off Its Nose To Spite Its Face?

Will PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale manage to appeal to both a casual and competitive gaming market? Paul LaCen has a chance to sit and talk with Community Manager Daniel Maniago about PS All-Stars and see just how dedicated SuperBot is to garnering feedback to deliver a unique and solid experience.

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smashcrashbash2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Don't understand how you can camp until you get your super attack. You don't get any AP unless you fight and even if you block and gain AP it goes up very slowly. And if you try to block too long then your opponent just grabs you. also if you block high can't I just hit you low or from beneath. The way the author talks as if blocking makes you invincible or something. The people actually playing the game made it work quite well. And once again we can't leave SSB out of the equation. This gen is so stupid.I don't remember everyone attacking Soul Caliber for being like Tekken or Battle Arena Toshinden.

@ Rykoshet. But isn't that the point of Radec. He is a long range fighter so of course he would be most effective at a distance. And no you really don't have to mention SSB all the time. People don't have to mention Tomb Raider every time they talk about Uncharted. Or Forza every time we talk about GT5. Besides these people are guys who are used to working on fighting games. I am sure they will tweak what ever is needed

Rykoshet2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

There is no high-low block system. You can camp with certain characters, like Radec could easily sit on the opposite side of the screen and just shoot you the second you dropped your guard. Hell, Kratos has enough mid-range viability and attack cancel options that he could easily just outrange you and space you out. If I take your first life, what option do you have but to run after me and try to open me up to a super? And if I have a super already saved up, why wouldn't I just punish you with an instant kill the second I saw you over committing offensively? Most normal attacks are actually blatantly unsafe on block, further promoting the defensive mindset.

Your aggression won't break my block, you cant guard stun me to keep me in place for a grab because I could just roll away to break the guard stun, and grabs are currently too blatant an independent action; if I see you stop attacking I know to just roll away from you because grabs don't mesh well into the rest of the attack strings.

The game's mechanics are being judged on their own merit, but to ignore the mere existence of smash would be ridiculous. That doesn't change that the game has a solid foundation and just needs some minor tweaking defensively. I didn't attack the game for being "like Smash", in fact I applauded it because it excels where Smash fails: The developers actually care what the fans think.

Hicken2340d ago

It's not a matter of "ignoring" SSB. But it's that there can be no mention of ANYTHING All Stars-related that doesn't reference SSB, even when there's little to no relation.

KongRudi2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

It makes sense that long range characthers like Radec will have an advantage over short and medium-range characthers, in long distance battle.

So the long-range characthers will have to try to get away from the action, before opening fire on the short-/medium- range characthers.
And I'd assume best strategy for them is to try to defend as best possible when the other characthers have closed in on them, until you're able to open range.

I don't think the characthers with short-range advantage, will just sit and defend tough. I'd assume they'd try their hardest to close the range where they get an advantage.

I like the sound of the idea of a invisible scoring-system based upon knock-out's and deaths, instead of a health-bar.
It won't be obvious who you need to knock out, or who's leading, someone might be right behind you.
It would make a even match between 4 people more chaotic, and ensure that you want to get into the action and build up AP, and knock people out, aswell as keeping alive.

I heard that in testing they discovered as soon as someone built up a lead, they tended to disengage from the combat and let the others dish it out, and then tried to secure the victory.
But once they removed the score count, people fought harder until the timer ran out.

It kind of makes sense.
I don't really think they're not putting up health-bars, because people will be confused by seeing four health-bars. :P That just sound stupid.

majiebeast2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

I have faith in Superbot and Seth Killian to balance the game before it ships.

JDcg2340d ago

Well, the beautiful thing is...It is made on the PS3 which means they can make a patch at anytime if characters are too unbalanced. That was the main problem with supersmash bros. Once the characters where done, that was it. People are getting too ahead of themselves. How about we wait for the game, play it ourselves, then judge it.

Baka-akaB2340d ago

More than anything get rid of the horrible white lines around the characters

smashcrashbash2340d ago

You need to get current. The white lines only appear a for a second when you are gathering AP. They are not always there.It was debunked that the white lines were always around the characters a long time ago.

Reverent2340d ago

Well when they first showed the game. those white lines were ALWAYS on your character after getting your super... But they've updated the game where as Smash said, the white line now only appears for a second now.

ginsunuva2340d ago

With this system, you can't wait for someone to beat up another person and you go steal the point by finishing them off like in SSB

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