GamesRadar - Nascar The Game: Inside Line preview

GamesRadar - Break out your beer hats and foam fingers race fans, Nascar The Game: Inside Line is bringing even more features to the race sim series.

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joffa812336d ago

The only question I want answering is are the UK/EU getting a release or is this a US only like the last one ?

Saying that Sony have just released NASCAR 2011 on the EU PSN store this week so we may get by the time NASCAR 2013 is announced.

DeadlyFire2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

This is their answer. The developer doesn't know. So try asking Activision. It more than likely will, but they might delay it a bit so you might see it late, but probably earlier than the 2011 edition came out.

Q. Will the game come out anywhere else but the USA?
A. We won't know the answer to that until nearer the release.