Halo 4 tops Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 in Nielson ratings

If this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) highlighted anything, it’d be the consumer war between Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Both shooters have been in the limelight, and both companies at the helm know what it means to step out of the limelight. Trying to judge which game will outsell the other is an arduous task. Even with a sensitive finger on the pulse...

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robavila952340d ago

If the ages would've ranged from 16 and up I bet COD would've had a notoriously lower rating haha.

Awesome_Gamer2339d ago

My Prediction:

Both GTA V (worldwide numbers) and Halo 4 (on 360) will outsell BO2

Sono4212339d ago

Lol the disagrees? You actually take pride in rating higher than cod?.... sad...

joab7772340d ago

Uh...I think I can muster a guess at which will sell more. The one on 4 different platforms will sell more. Now, which will b better? I haunt been excited about Cod in a long time but I do like zombies and atleast this iteration looks to be bettering itself. I like Trent reznor for the soundtrack...alot! It will definitely have alot of content. I have never been excited about halo. Scratch that, I loved halo 1. This one though does look to be bringing back that sense of exploration with new enemies, story, and environments. It will also have tons of content and Spartan ops looks like a nice step forward. It may win the Xbox sales competition but will lose everyone will to Cod. It's kinda sad IMO.

TotalSynthesisX2340d ago

Well, it wouldn't be surprising if Blops 2 ends up selling more than Halo 4; Halo 4 is exclusive. The only way I see Halo 4 selling more (stacked up against Blops 2 on its other platforms) is if Blops 2 utterly bombs and Halo 4 gets 9s and 10s across the board on its reviews all across the interwebz.

But I don't know... Halo 4 HAS been dominating the preorder ranks lately. Could this be -- dare I say -- the end of CoD's reign and the return of Halo as king? :O

inb4 flamed

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Agent_hitman2340d ago

LOL and now MS is competing with COD when it comes to popularity WTF!!

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