Forget Mystic Quest. This Is The Worst Final Fantasy Game.

Kotaku - You know how people like to use the word "rehash" to describe games? "Oh, that Call of Duty 44 is such a rehash." "Can't believe they're rehashing Halo again." That sort of thing?

In the wake of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, I think it's time to find a new word.

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Kamikaze1352310d ago

Ummmm Mystic Quest is an awesome game....I still feel that the Crystal Chronicles game on the Wii was the worst in the series. If it at least played like the DS games did, then it would have been so much better.

2309d ago
-Gespenst-2309d ago

Mystic Quest is great. In fact I don't think I've played an FF game I didn't like.

Acquiesc32308d ago

Sorry, you guys got it wrong. 13-2 is the worst FF game ever.