Shawn McGrath Confirms Dyad for Vita will be Free; if its Good

GameFans writes:
"During the tail end of the interview with Jeff, Nick, and Shawn, a listener asked if there is any possibility of Dyad coming out on Vita. Shawn’s response was “there is a big possibility of that happening.” He clarified that he wants it to come out only if two things happen: it doesn’t suck and is free if the PS3 version has been purchased."

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Rockefellow2338d ago

I asked him about this a while back to no response-- It seems like it's really going to happen. Awesome!

KosmoCrisis2338d ago

If he did a Kickstarter for this, it would be the first one I have ever donated to.

MoreConsole2338d ago

It can expect a donation from me too!

r212338d ago

wooot, Dyad is gonna make the vita feel trippy @[email protected]

KosmoCrisis2338d ago

Imagine playing Dyad on the Vita while on a train traveling through a tunnel!

r212338d ago

hahaha and the people watching you playing will be thinking 'what in god's name is he playing? O_O'

KosmoCrisis2338d ago

And then their heads will explode!

Now I don't want the game for free, I would gladly pay Mr. McGrath for his hard work even if he doesn't add any bells and whistles. I'm just hoping someone tells him that we are here and we want it.

SillyBastid2338d ago

they will also think... I want the drugs hes taking

PirateThom2338d ago

I can't wait for the game to come out in Europe.

Hicken2338d ago

I want this game. Having it on PS3 and Vita would be awesome.

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