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"Could you kill for the privilege of having your one wish granted? Could you strive towards that goal without knowing exactly what you wanted to wish for? In fact, could you kill for that aim without even knowing who you are? These are the questions that Type-Moon and Image Epoch are asking you in a faux digital world created for the sole purpose of waging war."

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Xof2309d ago

The story is really interesting, so I wanted to like this game, but the combat system is just awful. It's like 90% luck-based.

Starfox8112309d ago

It's rock paper scissors at the end of the day. There is strategy to it mind as most enemies go via the same pattern of starting with the same move, or ending with the same move, but towards the end of the game moves just become totally random. Thats when it becomes annoying.

ShadyDevil2309d ago

Not bad might check it out.