How 2012 is Shaping Up for Gaming

J.C. Wigriff's rundown on the year in gaming, 2012, thus far.

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Them_Bones1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Still have yet to buy a single 2012 game.
The first will most likely be sleeping dogs.

LOGICWINS1972d ago

YUP, I've seen enough to warrant a Day 1 purchase from me.

WeskerChildReborned1972d ago

Yea this year has been a bit disapointing but i'm looking forward to October - early 2013.

ha2e481972d ago

Agreed, within that time there are some of the greatest games coming for this gen.

from the beach1972d ago

Great year so far, very much looking forward to what's left including Wii U.

WeskerChildReborned1972d ago

Yea me too, i'm planning on picking up AC3 and ZombiU for Wii U if they launch with it also i'll be picking up Aliens when it comes out next year.

StarFox1972d ago

ehhh i haven't bought anything besides Max Payne 3. im just going back to games from previous years that i have failed to buy or some that i have but haven't been able to play. like right now i just about to playthrough deus ex

Psycho_PS3Truthh1972d ago

Compare to last year, this year is weak with all the delays. But I will be getting some more games for the PS3 this october. Next year though looks extremely heavy and full of greatness, spring 2013 itself is over running with great games.

ha2e481972d ago

You forgot to say " in society " some where within the realms of your message of greatness and prosperity, your losing your touch oh one of awesome wordness...

Psycho_PS3Truthh1972d ago

Sometimes I like to remain calm HAHA

ChunkyLover531972d ago

I bought Mass Effect 3, Max Payne 3, Kinect Star Wars and The Witcher 2 so far this year.

I currently have Black Ops 2, Halo 4, Forza Horizon, AC3 and Madden 13 pre-ordered.

So its been a solid year, but last year was definitely better in my opinion.

I will definitely be buying a Wii U, new hardware always gets me pumped up, so I'll be getting ZombiU, Mario Bro's 2 and Pikmen 3 at the least.

Wigriff1972d ago

You know, I bought The Witcher 2, and I REALLY wanted to like it... but I just couldn't get into it.

In all fairness, I have heard of this happening to several other people who later went back, played it, and couldn't put it down. Hopefully that will happen to me as well.

ChunkyLover531972d ago

The first chapter was boring, I almost stopped playing. After you get into the second chapter, it gets really, really good.

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