Blu-ray Region Code Workaround for PS3 Discovered

Formatwarscentral reports that they have read on the AVForums that someone has discovered a workaround for region coding on Blu-ray titles.

He has found that it works on New Line titles and essentially uses controller commands to jump past the warning to the main menu.

It will be interesting to see if this workaround can be applied to titles from other studios, and Region B titles to play on Region A PS3.

Of course, now that he has talked about it, it will probably be disabled on future firmware releases.

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whengeeksgobad3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

They were able to get this to work with 4 movies, this is mostly unconfirmed and shouldn't be considered "news". Unfortunately you cant read the whole thread by just clicking on the story, you have to click on the thread link in the upper right hand corner... which helps to do before calling something "news".

Cyrus3653683d ago

my bad i should have labelled it as rumor, not news item.

Yi-Long3683d ago

I really hope they will not fix it it, cause region-free is better for the consumers, but yeah, they'll probably 'fix' it.

This is why I was pro HDDVD: No region-coding and no DRM crap.

I really think it's ridiculous that in this current day and age, we still have region-coding...
If I wanna import a USA Blu-ray instead of buying the European blu-ray, because the european Blu-ray is of a lesser quality AND more expensive, than it's the European distributor's own fault for releasing a mediocre, overpriced product!
If you throw open these markets, the consumer wins, cause we'll have more competitive pricing and better quality, as well as a lot more options to choose from.
If I am in Hong Kong and wanna buy the latest asian movies, I wanna be able to play them back home on my PS3. That's my right as a consumer.

whengeeksgobad3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

My reasons for being pro hd-dvd at first were the same: no region coding, no DRM, but alas looks likey they may be biting the bullet so I went "purple" (both types of players). I tried to ask people why they like BR over hd-dvd and what I mostly get is "because MS sucks" - which doesn't really help me figure it out. *shrugs* they both suck. Frankly I'd feel like an unpaid shill (read: tool) if I started blindly support either of the two companies but hey, to each their own.

Yi-Long3683d ago

Same here. I'm really not one for supporting 1 company over the other, cause both will screw you oevr to make more money. As a gamer and movie-fan, I need that both Sony as well as Microsoft do well, so they will compete with eachother by upping the quality while lowering the price.
Neither console 'sucks', but both have their good points and bad points.
I'm sure it's the same with Blu-Ray and HDDVD, but my preference would go to the format that's regionfree and DRM-free. That's HD-DVD.

I also dont't 'get' the 'haters'. It's quite juvenile, tbh. If you like games, you should like both systems. And both systems have their faults, which will hopefully be resolved.

whengeeksgobad3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

man I am hitting the jackpot with level headed posters today. I totally agree. I probably sounded a bit more harsh than I meant to, I don't hate either entity, I'm just not going to rush to eithers defense. Both are *HUGE* corporations who are really interested in taking our money and both are large enough to take care of themselves. I've said it already but I don't care how or on what I play the games or movies, just that the games and movies themselves are good to hell with the vehicle. I don't go ON and ON about how bad-ass my computer is, and it can do quite a bit more than either console ATM.

TechWiz3683d ago

You can kiss that loop-hole goodbye. I'm sure sony will patch it, just like they did with the rsx when it was hacked. People need to be little hush hush on things.

whengeeksgobad3683d ago

its not a loophole, just something that can be done on very specific new line discs thus far.

Cyrus3653682d ago

Yeah it seems to only work on New line discs. I'm sure they'll address that problem if not already in future releases.

KidMakeshift3683d ago

I thought blu-ray movies are region free like the games

There really isn't any foreign blu-ray movies out there (everything ends up here anyways: Paprika, Curse of The Golden Flower, The Host)

shewbrookj3682d ago

You are correct. I have a european PS3 and have recently bought a blue ray edition of 2001 - A space odyssey (not available in europe). It works fine. The same goes for the games. I bought the American version of Ninja Gaiden Sigma because the European version had the decapitation scenes cut. The american games worked perfectly fine.

The multi region applies to standard DVDs. My PS3 only plays region 2 (PAL) DVDs so my American Region 1 discs need to be played through a different player (in this case my PC). It is a shame they didn't make the whole thing multi region.

PirateThom3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Sorry, but the region locking on Blu-ray movies is optional.

For the most part, region locking has been very lax, but I use this site to see which movies work and which don't:

Region A is US
Region B is EU


It varies from studio to studio, but it also varies from movie to movie. Some studio's movies are locked, some aren't.

Gorgon3682d ago

Hum, my copy of Uncharted read "region 2" (I'm in Europe). Is that just a way of separating different stocks for different markets or is the game actually region coded?

PirateThom3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

The "regions" on games seem to be the same as DVD regions. I'm guessing it's because of stock and also PAL/NTSC. Although the games will all play, they may not display correctly on TVs in different regions.

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