Pst..Gamestop - Here's some tips if you want to go "casual"

Destructoid writes: "GameStop has come out declaring that 2008 is the year that they start to appeal more to the casual gamer. However, after going through their recent comments to the media, I believe GameStop's solution is missing the point. If you stand in the middle of a GameStop store for 15 minutes, you get a pretty good idea what they need to do to make the shopping experience better:"

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cmcate3795d ago

1. Provide some customer service, with adequate training, that is both professional in nature with knowledge of the games they sell.

2. Improve trade-in values, keep pricing consistent, and reward frequent buyers and sellers. If the customer trades a game with a trade-in value of $3, I don't think it is fair or justifiable to put that same, used game on the shelf for $20-30, especially when the game is scratched, without a manual or the extras that would normally come with the game if it were new.

3. Lose all of the overhead to keep prices down.

4. And yes, get some Glade and use it.

JsonHenry3795d ago

I would just like NOT to be harrassed about this magazine and this offer when I go in. I swear, I am on the verge of kicking a geeks ass every time I have to go in there. I live in a small town - and sometimes the only brick and mortar store that has what I want is Gamestop. : (

Raziel McGee3795d ago

I Love Gamestop.
I hate gamestop.

I agree with the article about the overzealous pitch of game informer, with a little training and better screening of their current employees, they could do sooo much better. He hit it on the nose with " sometimes can't wait to get out of the store" god I know this feeling. Look I know what I want before I walk in the door but I also like to look around, you never know what you might find, but with them printing out a release date sheet so I can reserve a copy for only $5, I don't want that let me pay for my game so I can go play!!!

Oh and if I grab a the last new copy of Assassins creed, I do not want a used copy that I will only save $5 on,,,, no thanks I will pay the extra 5 bucks so I can be sure to get a case and manual.

wow what a rant

wiizy3795d ago

good for gamestop... its a business.. what are they not suppose to try and improve


that would be awsum,they would have tons of locations and huge stores.they could even be like starbucks and have a sit down area with couches and chairs with all types of games to would be a huge success!PLAY B3YOND