5 of Ubisoft’s Wii U initial games are ports, huge investment not expected

During an earnings call, Ubisoft says that five out of its seven games initially planned for Wii U are ports.

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jacen1002309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

This generation has seen the best of the console game and development so everything has been rehashed this generation alone,,you would not expect anything else for the beginning of this generation but more ports on release of new consoles, apart from first party titles maby and a few exceptions, , its all about the money.

omarzy2309d ago

ZombiU,Rayman, and Assasin's creed 3 at launch seem like a good investment to start with. Ghost Recon online next year. Rabbids Land is exclusive, and the rest are not "ports", they are multiplat games. Assuming the Wii u launches in November, Assasin's creed 3 is coming to Wii U a few weeks later. These are all new games, not all of them NEED to be exclusive. Even with ubisoft quotes, i cannot believe that they are not invested.

cleft52309d ago

The quote in the article is talking more about a cash investment and not a support investment for the console. The fact that they are able to make decent ports for under a million euro is simply amazing.

One of the biggest excuses a lot of publishers come up with for not porting a game is development cost. If the Wii U allow for cheaper ports, than that means more support for the system. This can also lead to more original content for the Wii U because they are able to understand how to program for the Wii U better as they continue to make ports for it.

Make no mistake, this article is a very good thing, but haters of anything Nintendo will use it as a way of saying that third party developers don't care about the Wii U.

Venox20082309d ago

well said, thnx for info ..lower costs - better support for system

DivineAssault 2309d ago

blah blah.. It gonna take alot more than ubisofts Ghost Recon, Zombie U, & Rayman Lengends (IF they stay exclusive) to get **MORE** ppl to trust in Nintendo again as a core system.. If u think about it, they only screwed up ONCE in my book.. Wario Land on virtual boy was all i needed on that system & i LOVED it!! but NES-N64 were great! Gamecube was where 3rd party support just halted... Had it not been for RE4, i wouldve only owned 1st party games... Wii dominated the casual market with garbage games ppl went coo coo over but they delivered some great 1st party titles.. Nintendo should do WHATEVER it takes to get the M rated games to simultaneously release on Wii u, PS3, & 360 with unique content & sharper graphics to get others who lost faith (myself included) to trust in them & buy it right away.. They really have a chance to take the game market by storm cuz the system has the tools to appeal to EVERY SINGLE TYPE OF GAMER

Ck1x2309d ago

Yeah its really not wether a game has an M rating on it or not, its more about what originality can the WiiU offer games in a way that simply can't be done out of the box on the other systems. And if you think RE4 was the only good 3rd party must have game on GC, then you need to learn your history!

DivineAssault 2308d ago

Only one worth mentioning.. Im not saying for them to ditch the whole rainbows n fairies thing, just to release multiplatform titles at the same time as the rest.. Not months or years later when no1 cares anymore.. Thats how I feel about it anyway.. I would like to own a Nintendo console for more than just E rated games.. Theyre not bad by any means but some diversity wouldnt hurt

omarzy2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

This is not even talking about the core gamer....this is talking about ubisoft and how much they are investing in the new console. did you even click the link?

DivineAssault 2308d ago

Rayman, ghost recon, AC all seem like core games to me..

Qrphe2309d ago

What are ZombiU and Rayman Legends?

darkgod2308d ago

lol how did u get disagrees with a question

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