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Submitted by Fern317 1300d ago | opinion piece

Rumor has it, Final Fantasy is dead

Okay, now before I get into it; I felt I should notify you guys that I’m only speaking of one. Let’s have a history lesson; back in 2006, Square-Enix showed off a game in its Final Fantasy franchise; which one was it? If you answered Final Fantasy Versus 13; then you win a hug! We haven’t heard anything really new about Versus 13, which leads to a lot of people wondering, what the bloody hell is going on? Well, rumor has it, that according to, the game has actually just been outright canceled and never going to release. (Final Fantasy XV, Industry, PS3)

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Them_Bones  +   1302d ago
Why should FF fans even care if it did die, the just seem to hate on every game they've made for the last decade.
Godmars290  +   1302d ago
Because Versus was "The One." Square's last possible saving grace.

Now it may not only gone, but a 13-3 could be announced to bury and replace it.
BanditGamer  +   1300d ago
So they can only save themselves by releasing Versus and ONLY Versus? Somehow the same people cannot make a good FF unles it's Versus right?? Gimme a break
kratos123  +   1300d ago
did you see the footage of ffvs13 it look more promising then anything SE put out there this gen. They trully have failed this gen in my opinion, their out of sync whit what their fans want.I am stress myself anymore with SE games, i will get my fix of JRPG with tales of xillia and NI NO NI kuni <- SE can only dream to make such a charming game now in theit life time
SnotyTheRocket  +   1300d ago
Why does no one mention FFXI or FFXIV? XI was online, but it was true to the series and insanely awesome. As for XIV, I currently play it, and aside for some problems (and a crap-tacular launch), Its shaping up to be true greatness, and 2.0 will update it into awesome. (the new dev teams been working on 2.0 since March 2011.)
Godmars290  +   1300d ago
For the very fact 14 had the launch issues it did. Was such an obviously painful initial lazy job which has lead to massive damage control and the practical rebuilding from the ground up while not taking it offline.

And 11, not matter what you and others who've played it think, probably marked the true end of the franchise as anything special. Its just a generic fantasy world with FF decorations.

That was the argument ages ago before 13-2 was announced and released. Has become an ever empty hope ever since if not before. That's why so many are willing to accept that its canceled.
TiberusX87  +   1300d ago
If is has been deemed "The One" - do you honestly think it could ever possibly live up to that kind of expectation?

I doubt it's cancelled, I just think Nomura is a perfectionist and the pressure being put on this game to be successesful is what's dragging development out. XIII & -2 were developed by a completely separate team.

I actually have more faith in Ito's team (VI, IX & XII) who are apparently 4 years into development for FF XV. Without the stigma of it being the saving grace for Sqaure, I think it has the best chance.
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wishingW3L  +   1299d ago
you're very misinformed @judas-savior.

FF13 and FF13-2 were developed by the same team. Division 1 and the Kingdom Hearts Team as helpers, this is the very reason why FFvs only entered full development by the end of last year. The FFvs Team has been helping out Division 1 in the development of FF13 and FF13-2 from the very beginning.

Ito's team is Division 4 of Square. And while Ito had some role as director of those games the main one for FF6 was Kitase and for FF12 was Hiroshi Minagawa. Only FFIX was actually directed by him.
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Lord_Sloth  +   1300d ago
Not our fault they kept trying to "streamline" a gameplay system that wasn't in need of fixing.
lzim  +   1300d ago
what if they make it more like Dragon's Dogma?
Lord_Sloth  +   1300d ago
Dogma's an Action game. I love it, but I don't think it'd suit an FF game at all.
Irishguy95  +   1300d ago
Geez do we need another article of this? Same source, same rumor, different article
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pbasson  +   1300d ago
We need a official statement.
Chrono  +   1300d ago
I think it's only the whiny FF7 fans who complain about every game after 7.
Irishguy95  +   1300d ago
No, it's because FF 13 was a piece of ****/ FF13-2 was a slightly more tolerable piece of ****.

Most fans are 50/50 on FF12 and you can see why/

Other than that FF7 fans seem to like FF8-10 some 12 and some even like Turd Fantasy 13
Dark-vash  +   1299d ago
Yup Irishguy95
I'm a 7 Fan, but I love 6,8,9 and 10!

11 is online, i've skipped it and 12... well didn't like it, but finished.

i dint like 13 as well it was too confusing and too linear. But i loved 13-2! It was like a Chrono Trigger in the FF13 universe and I understood a little more of the first.
Ranma1  +   1300d ago
This (if they wanna save the series)
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greenpowerz  +   1300d ago
Not really... They hate FF games that find their ways to Xbox. If FF- VS was announced to still be in development but on 360 too, FF-VS would no longer be hyped as christ incarnate but a product of the anti christ made to rule on blasphemous platform.

Their is some true criticism based off of complaints of their FF games having 20 year old gameplay design and lazy inward thinking concepts.

JRPG's need the living worlds of Skyrim and the depth of inventory etc. JRPG's need the Path choices of Mass Effect(at least) JRPGS need Solid gameplay mechanics of a fighting game(chunky-beefy-impactful feel) with mature/grounded Japanese story telling to be relevant today.
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Mike_Tha_Hero  +   1299d ago
Fuck logic.
stonecold3  +   1302d ago
i dont know why 360 tagged because it was not coming out on xbox
Fern317  +   1302d ago
I wondered the same thing my man. I was being reported for a missing tag; I added 360, things seemed fine. I'm not complaining however.

I'm just happy to get this content out to you people so that you may read and perhaps share in the discussion.
morganfell  +   1300d ago | Well said
We get it. You need hits. This unsubstantiated rumor has been posted on this site multiple times. And as I predicted in an earlier post you, like all others are saying, "We are just reporting it the news."

No you are not. It isn't news. You are furthering what is at this point a rumor, little more than harmful adolescent gossip, which if not true may financially damage a company. Real news sites should service the gaming public, not their own desperate need for web hits.

How is coma sleep? I asked because we already have this "content". And this rumor has been discussed. Again, and again, and again.

You know what article hasn't yet been written?

Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku, Elitist Snobbery the Culture of Irresponsibility.

Instead of repeating a rumor ad nauseum, attempt a real journalistic feat of investigative reporting.

Oh wait, these are self centered video game sites we're are expecting to act as a real journalist. What were we thinking.
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Irishguy95  +   1300d ago
Well Said Morganfell, we don't need another ****ing article like this/

Iam legend down there, that ain't the CEO of S-E, it's some random guy who happens to be quite credible when it comes to FF news.
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Fern317  +   1300d ago

I do appreciate your opinion and I welcome you to share it. And yes, this rumor has been covered by almost every gaming site that I know of. But, all gaming sites are seperate from each other, and asking us to go through every gaming site to weed out the stories that have already been covered is asking a lot.

Let me ask you; would you go to every site and look through every news piece, with the sole purpose of finding a story that no one has covered?

N4G is used for sites to get noticed and for us to promote. This is merely an outlet for sites to get their content out and hopefully stir up some interest for our site. Multiple sites use it so chances are, stories will be covering the exact same thing. The only thing that may be different is opinion and I've included what questions were sparked inside of me by this rumor.
Diver  +   1300d ago
well fern you just blew it. you admit the article was to get noticed. that was the first thing an the most important thing for you. try being a real game news site that doesn't push rumors for the umpteenth time or write stupid "5 most" whatever retard pieces.

no one has to go digging at other sites for the news of this damn rumor. all they gotta do is come to n4g. you know the same place you come to get noticed. your like the 15th site to do this. welcome to last week.

an you didn't refute what morg said about hit hunting sites that can't do real journo work.

your site got noticed alright an for all the wrong reasons.
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WeskerChildReborned  +   1300d ago
Yea wasn't it gonna be exclusive to PS3?
maniacmayhem  +   1300d ago
I guess we'll never know.
kevnb  +   1300d ago
That's probably why its getting axed. If it won't work on 360 I can see square enix scrapping it.
SlapHappyJesus  +   1300d ago
Not sure if that should be considered a rumor. I think most people, fan or no, would agree.

Twelve is still my favorite though. Just saying.
ChunkyLover53  +   1300d ago
I thought they were making FF15?
SuburbanHell  +   1299d ago
Yeah, I could've sworn I read recently that XV was in the works and Hiroyuki Ito was going to be directing it.
ps3rider  +   1300d ago
it not surprise, its dead since long time, it has been six years. what game would take that much of time to see the light
Irishguy95  +   1300d ago
One that was constantly stalled for other releases

Also iamlegend? proof?
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AnotherProGamer  +   1300d ago
Red Dead Redemption
iamlegend9999  +   1300d ago
Rumor has it that final fantasy is not dead because the CEO of square enix just confirmed its coming to TGS.
Summons75  +   1300d ago
iamlegend9999  +   1300d ago
Its on the top of N4G lol
Braid  +   1299d ago
Here it is:
Summons75  +   1299d ago

that has no one from Square in it, it has neogaf and another website....NOT Square, until SE comes out then I will listen to them but not before
iamlegend9999  +   1299d ago
God you people suck at looking for info. Here is the link
Fern317  +   1300d ago
Yes, I actually read that earlier today that it has been confirmed to be appearing at TGS which excites me. I am beyond excited for this game and it sort of reminds me of the same universe of 7.

Kind of pissed though; that means that my article didn't have much of a life and now is just me ranting about crazy things lol
Summons75  +   1300d ago
Well provide a link so others know. This last guy said it was on N4G but I have been watching Vs13 news like a hawk since this started and haven't seen that once. lol
Rai  +   1300d ago
I think this game has already went from hype to who cares anymore.
DigitalRaptor  +   1300d ago
Rumour is the #1 word but barely anyone is listening.
amaguli  +   1300d ago
Since when did rumor=truth? I hope Versus XIII isn't canceled, we will see at TGS. If Versus is dead, then Nomura will just go on to Kindom Hearts 3.
Neko_Mega  +   1300d ago
I find it hard to believe it got can, the been working alot on it. I bet they are just aren't saying anything because it might be coming out soon.

They know alot of people are hype about it, heck I know I want it.
youndamie  +   1300d ago
Everyone should stop worrying Noctis is still coming. They would not just cancel it, it has to ability to at least move 3 million copy's, so they would still make a profit with a M rating. The only reason I can see it being canceled is if Square wanted more input or wanted to multiplat and Nomura said no forcing it to be shelved, but that's unlikely.
Jadedz  +   1300d ago
That's this generation's problem
A lot of developers focused way too much on the looks of a title, instead of its depth. Some titles actually benefited from both elements (graphics and gameplay), but a bunch of others, simply... didn't.

Namco Bandai seemed to have taken Square Enix's spot for, "jrps people actully wanna play" category (which is something I agree with, wholeheartedly 100%).

Then again, if we can only look at what developers have done with the Wii console, we'd see that even with SD visuals, games like Xenoblade, Monster Hunter Tri, Pandora's Tower (action rpg), and The Last Story inspire an "awe" moment whenever fans of the genre, get a hands-on experience with those titles (Dragon Quest X hasn't released yet, and I forgot to mention the other Wii jrpgs).

Saying FF is dead, is an over statement. It just isn't as popular as it once was, but if I be rectified if Square Enix decides to go back to the original formula that made the series successful in the first place.
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StreetsofRage  +   1300d ago
It had a great long run. Thanks for the fun.
pbasson  +   1300d ago
This has got to the point similar to Dr Dre Detox album. It was hype when announced, but now its seems less likely to happen, and when it does I dont think their is going to be a soul left that cares.
NeXXXuS  +   1300d ago
lol another article about Kotaku making a rumor about Versus XIII getting cancelled. I honestly think they're trying to make Square Enix pissed just to show up at TGS and announce more information about Versus XIII and that they're still working on it. I doubt they would throw away years of development just for the game to be cancelled anyways.
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NotSoSilentBob  +   1300d ago
Final fantasy hasn't been the TOP RPG for years due to the fact ENIX has tried to westernize it.
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1300d ago
These guys are a little late to the party aren't they. This is no longer news.
Dengo  +   1300d ago
that will settle things if final fantasy XIII - Versus is dead so square enix fans will die with it !

Waiting for september 1
BigDollarZoe954  +   1300d ago
I Don't Know Final Fantasy Versus Still has a chance to see daylight or it might be a new name anything can happen The TGS coming Up and The Anniversary who knows Hope to hear something positive
fourthpersonview  +   1299d ago
This is just like 15 years ago. Everyone thought Square was dead but got their mouths shove up their asses when FF7 was released.

I wonder what Square will do to surprise us now.
Drummerdude41  +   1299d ago
Have you ever wondered if square-enix actually knows that their games aren't up to par and they're trying to repeat history with a final game that started as their saving grace(1st final fantasy) and ends as their saving grace?

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