Kotaku - This is What’s New In God of War: Ascension

Kotaku - To some jaded eyes, the new God of War revealed this past spring looked too much like the old God of Wars. Oh, they added multiplayer this time, but what was so fresh in the game's solo campaign?

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RememberThe3572310d ago

The graphics look great but it's that lack of something really new and cool that bothers me right now. I never wanted multiplayer in GoW and I'll never use it. I want something more than just some new moves and they haven't shown that yet.

WeskerChildReborned2310d ago

Umm new story? or is that not enough? Most likely they will include new weapons as well and maybe some new awesome bosses.

RememberThe3572310d ago

Are you seriously implying that you'd play the same game over and over as long as the story changed?

The multiplayer looked like crap and the demo was boring. I'm a huge GOW fan and I want to see every title live of to and surpass the one before. This one doesn't look like it's doing that and that disappoints me. The rewinding time thing was cool but A Crack In Time already did that (very well I might add) and it didn't really grab my attention. The combats going to be good I already know that, but I wanted to see the scale of the last game expanded or use in a different way. We already killed water monsters and we've already killed big guys with big weapons, I wanted to see something different and something we hadn't seen before. In GOW3 we saw Titans climbing Mount Olympus and dismemberment to a level I hadn't seen before. I wanted to play that game because I knew it was the only game like it. But with this game it looks like I've played it before and that kind of bums me out.

I hope the demo sucked and the game blows my mind, but I just haven't seen anything that meets the standards I set for this franchise.

N311V2309d ago

I'm with you, being a GoW fan that is all I ask for.

MaxXAttaxX2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

You've barely seen much of the game.
There are new gameplay mechanics, animations and other elements. The story takes Kratos in a slightly different direction than usual.
The multiplayer is more unique than the average multiplayer game and looks fun. You haven't even given it a try.
The time rewind is a different version of the the time slow-down from GOW2.

What a pathetic complaint.

lociefer2310d ago

i hate articles that add nothing new to the table such as this one, he was just explaining the gameplay footage, nothing more nothing less

Aghashie2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

meh... I feel like they are milking the game... nothing really new, nothing really big or epic, or... meh... just another gow game to decorate my game stack. I love gow, but this game pales when compared to titles like the last of us, beyond: two souls, all-star battle royale... damn, even the new tomb raider got me more hyped. if multiplayer is entertaining enought, I might buy it. but that is the only feature that may become a valid excuse to buy this game.

madjedi2309d ago

Thats retarded, it's like complaining that halo 4 plays too much like prior halo games.

It's god of war, your playing to it rip anyone that stands in front of you a new asshole. If the new story arc and mobs and bosses to kill aren't enough, then don't pick it up.

We have maybe seen a whooping 5-10 minutes of the games and people are already crying about nothing new or cool in the whole game.

"Are you seriously implying that you'd play the same game over and over as long as the story changed?"

Except they aren't the exact same game you idiot, are the levels, weapons and boss fights all the same as the previous one.

"I hope the demo sucked and the game blows my mind, but I just haven't seen anything that meets the standards I set for this franchise." Damn and the whole time i am almost begging for sony to release that demo on the psn store.

Standards you set for this franchise, buddy your setting standards for 2 things jack and shit. Sony santa monica sets the standards for this game, your an asshole on a video game forum stating his opinion nothing more.

DivineAssault 2309d ago

Im buying it.. I loved every GOW game since ps2 began the series.. I dont mind if sony makes lots of the same game because they make lots of other NEW games on top of lots of the old ones.. Game looks wicked & cant wait to cut the brains out of an elephant persons skull