Max Payne 3 | Angry Joe Review

A few bottles of Jack Daniels and a handful of pills later, Angry Joe is finally ready to review Max Payne 3!

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Red_Orange_Juice1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

major ba**s suckage, 6/10 tops

Somebody1741d ago

MP3 did what MP1 and 2 did to me years ago : I kept replaying it again and again. Currently replaying it again in classic mode without the last stand perk.

Really though, hated the camera flashing effect.

fastNslowww1741d ago

totally agree, i've already beatin it 5 times all difficulties, with aim assist off. Yes, Cutscenes flashes were horrible.

Rockstar keep on delivering the goods, apparently the next gta surpasses that of MP3's gameplay/gunplay. (much improved) Cannot wait!

isarai1740d ago

Did no one else notice that the video effects in the cutscenes were to portray max's emotion? If you pay attention there's a different effects and color for each emotion being displayed at the moment.

unchartedxplorer1739d ago

I could have easily recognised max's emotions without that flashy bullcrap in the cutscenes.

isarai1739d ago

well i thought it was an interesting concept

unchartedxplorer1739d ago

Maybe they should have had an option to turn it off. It wasn't that bad, just a little irritating.