Are A Third Of All XBox 360's Dud?

The news that one third of all XBox360s is a dud, raises the question: Could the US revival in consumer electronics fizzle out because of shitty manufacturing? The US owned the consumer electronics industry until the 1980s when the Japanese took it from them with colour TVs and VCRs which were of vastly superior quality, reliability and price to their US equivalents.

Apple and Microsoft have made a valiant effort to wrest back that lead with the iPod, iPhone, stunning looking MacBooks and, of course, Microsoft's Xbox games machines. Rupert Goodwins very kindly directed me to a blog about Microsoft's horrendous problems with the quality levels on the XBox 360.

Goodwins' blog is perceptive because it highlights the basic difference between US manufacturing methods and Japanese manufacturing methods:

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travelguy2k3680d ago

like on a box like cigarettes.

"General Consumer Warning"

There is 30% chance this product will fail within 3 years

Daytona3680d ago Show
mullet3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

LMFAO @ travelguy2k. So true.

INehalemEXI3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Shoot, I went through 2 in 5 months and my neighbor , had to send in the one he got at launch before I even got my first 1.

They sent me a replacement with a crack where the vent is when its vertical. I was pissed for awhile but its lasted for awhile now so its all good.

Worst thing about it was it was due to disc scratching and so it wasnt covered under RROD Extended Warranty. $99 bucks for a cracked replacement.

Maddens Raiders3680d ago

Down to 2 bubbles, huh? Awesome. ; )

Iron Man 23680d ago


That's the funniest comment I have ever come across here on n4g,you sir deserve a bubble;)

SoulReaper3680d ago

I don't know why you choose to ignore the problems. Why would you be mad at us?? Microsoft is the one who putting themselves in this position..They will always be news on it because RROD still exists and spreading like wild fire through out NA..

cjp4eva3680d ago

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! DONT BE A TOOL ITS NOT 30% ITS 33% GET IT RIGHT!!! :)

godofthunder103679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

i'm not bias and i don't act childish like some ps3 and 360 fanboys.i think that the 360 and ps3 are both damn good systems but i'm tired of reading some of the posts that's bias by some ps3 fan who critisize the 360 because of the %30 defected rate and say stupid remarks like putting warnings on the 360 box like they do cigarettes because it's now only a %10 defected rate.
the reasn that i'm saying ps3 fans are bias because they say that the 360 is trash and this is the last xbox they will make because of the %30 defected rate,but unlike the ps3 the 360 made a profit last year and the ps3 didn't but unlike the bias ps3 fans i'll admit they the ps3 will this year.
if ps3 fanboys think that microsoft should stop making 360 because of the defected rates doesn't even know what they are talking about or the history of the ps.
i don't know if ps3 fanboys forgot or just don't want to admit it but when the first 2 ps first came out they had defects in them wasn't at %30 but the first ps had around %25 but ps3 fanboys don't want to talk about that and when people bring it up they say it isn't true even when it's a fact and they could even look it up.
the ps had a defected drive in it and you could even have a new ps and a new game it would say can't read first sony was trying to hide it and say it didn't have a problem but they had to admit later on that it was a problem and they were working on fixing the problem.
well they fixed the problem on the new ps but unlike microsoft sony didn't give people even a 1 month extra warrinty on their the people who bought a ps in the 1st year and a half was stuck with it if it went out in the first few months,hell i went through 5 ps in this time period.i'm not saying that everyone had a problem with their ps because the majority didn't it was only %25 of them that had a problem so thay mean only 26 ps out of a 100 had a problem.hell i had a 360 since launch and i never had 1 problem with it but 30 out of a 100 people that own a 360 did.
so the ps3 fanboys that saying they should stop makeing 360s because of the high defective rate wouldn't even have a ps3 if companies stop makeing a product with a high defecteive rate without trying to fix it because sony would've stop making ps right after the firt one because it had a %25 defecteive rate but sony stuck with it and it took them 3 generations of consoles to finaly get it right but when they did they did it right because the ps3 is one of the most dependable electronic product on the market.i'm not saying that no one had a problem with their ps3 because my friend ps3 went out on him but the people that had a problem with their ps3 is to few to mention.what i'm saying is that microsoft is having problem with their 360 because they just really started to get in the game system race and just like sony microsoft will get it right after a few times.
fanboys from both sides might as well face it,the xbox and ps will be around as long as people want to play games because the ps already have a foot in the market and microsoft is starting to get a good grip on the market to.the ps3 want have over %50 of the market like they use to because of the 360 and wii,unlike the years before all three systems will have close to the same % of the market.
the ps3 fanboys that's bias and act childish and make stupid remarks about the 360 because of the defective rate need to go back to the first ps and read up on it and the defective rate on it and i bet they will have a different oppinion.
one of the reason that every one is talking more about the 360 then the first ps is because of the internet.when the first ps came out they didn't hardly have anyone on the internet so the news couldn't get to gamers like it does now,so the people that didn't like the ps couldn't spread the news and lie about the first ps,but when the 360 came out almost every one in the world was on the internet so when people starting having problems with their 360 they posted it on line and it took off from their,hell even some sony fanboys tryed to act like they had a 360 and it broke on them,hell i read one post from one sony fanboy that was acting like he owned a 360 and he said that it got so hot that it melted his games and he didn't even know it melted his game to it stop working and when he tryed to open it it wouldn't so he had to pry it open and when he got it open he seen it and any one with commom since could tell it was a lie because it has to get real hot before a dvd will melt and before that would happen the 360 would've shut down first or burst into flames and they had more just like this.if the internet was like it is back then the ps would've had the same problem.
what i'm saying is people need to act like grownups instead of kids and they shouldn't critisize the system that they don't have because it really doesn't concern them and when they do they shoildn't critisize the one system for doing something that the same system they had did the same thing before.

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myxomatosis3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

... if thats true, then yeah that would be one in every 3. I like how the article uses Ipods and xboxs as an example of corperate america's "vanliant" effort to wrest back the lead for reliable electronics when neither prove to be very reliable.

Edit: its design, foos not where the parts are put together. think of cars, american cars are usually just ok for reliabily, but honda and toyota seem to have it down the best for sure.

actas1233680d ago

I don't think the problem is w/ American manufacturing in general. Many of American companies produce quality machines. Thank God American manufacturing is not only the xbox (produced in china by the way). Take for example General Electric, its products are ranked best in reliability and durability in the world, not to mention Intel, HP.... So the problem is w/ those companies that make faulty products and that includes Microsoft. The same thing applies to Japanese manufacturers, sanyo, Suzuki, Mitsubishi are all compaies that produce sh!ty products.

chrno63680d ago

Many ps3 are also manufactured in China, but I don't see any increase in failure rates of those products.

MailMan3680d ago

is a BOMB waiting to EXPLODE in the face of the purchaser

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND,Jan 28th=Xbots AM CRY.

SKUD3680d ago

Short answer is. Yes.

Kain813680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

RRoD360 only a Joke^^ no flamebait please

Silellak3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Do people know where this 30% number actually originated from? Apparently it came from some of the larger game store retailers, but even then it's just a guess based on how many are actually returned.

As a 360 owner, I was under the impression it was actually WORSE - from my understanding of the problem, any 360 made before July or August of last year will almost certainly fail given enough time, due to one or more subtantial design defects.

Now, it's possible not ALL of them will, only because they won't be used enough to get hot enough to cause the problem.

In all honesty, this sort of thing seems to be common to American manufacturing - just look at the commonly held belief that Japanese cars simply last longer than American cars. There are some things America is great at, but building electronic or mechnical devices doesn't appear to be one of them. We may invent (or help invent) many innovations, but when it comes to mass-producing them, it seems to be someone else's job.

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