SCEE shutting down online servers for old PS3/PSP games

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has shared its plans to close servers for a mix of PlayStation 3 and PSP games.

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remanutd552314d ago

man Motorstorm Arctic Edge could have done a lot better on the vita than it did on the psp.

Sorrow242314d ago

My guess is they're shutting it down, but they're getting ready for a new Motorstorm on Vita ~this time next year.

andibandit2308d ago

Agree, Sony shutting down these servers are a good thing.

killcycle2314d ago

Well it came out ages before the Vita so what's your point. That's obvious

remanutd552314d ago

if by any chance you were referring to me then my point is that Motorstorm Arctic Edge is indeed a true Motorstorm game not like RC ( that game only has the Motorstorm name and thats about it), the psp lacks a true online system ( the vita has everything you would expect to have a good online experience ) so i think Motorstorm Arctic Edge would suited better on the vita than it did on the psp

PoSTedUP2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

this sucks, it's better then shutting down socom2 servers tho, they're still up after over a decade and im still playing it lol. i hope they remake it b4 they shut it down

Gamer19822314d ago

This is why we need differnt online options so when servers go down you can still play online through some method. Net speeds are getting faster each year and hosting games is nothing on my 120mb connection.


That's something I completely agree with.

Although I prefer dedicated servers as they are always reliable they unfortunately cost money to keep that publishers aren't happy to pay forever, so I'd say a good move for next gen is if every game have a independent host a game option.

This way publisher won't get as much backlash from closing down servers down the road and we get to keep playing our old games online regardless of publisher supported servers.

Nostalgia lives and everyone is happy... In fact, before shutting down servers they should consider a last update in those games to add this option if it's viable (I'm no tech expert, so I don't know if it's viable) at least for the most popular ones.

jamesensor2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

They don't care about it. They just rush people in to buying games, make the circus and move on after some time. A nice example of that in the pc platform is the Need For Speed Hot Pursuit from 2010. NO lan or whatsoever, only the forced Autolog gimmick for everything. (reasons not to like it: place where I play with family and friends is on countryside with a very slow connection. Lan with a router is just perfect for what I wanted, I play many other games that have this mode. NFS HP has a cop mode which sounds awesome but I'm not buying it because of the enforced autolog)

SPAM-FRITTER-1232314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

sony shut down more servers than EA.

maybe funding these servers are getting a bit costly for sony.

looks like sony are giving you 4 years to play online then cutting you off.

glad i own a PC where i can still play 15 year old games online.

DigitalAnalog2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

I would like to call you out on that one. As a PC gamer, those "old" games are barely if not, no longer officially supported by their respective companies. This however does not mean you can use alternative means like "Virtual LAN or Tunngle" to create faux LAN experience online. To criticize this on a closed platform where the ends meet has to be made by the company itself, your argument does not hold any water. PC is an open platform where the support can be done by the fans themselves.

STONEY42314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

The majority of older PC games I have still have servers running and a small community active. In fact, most of the ones that don't, happen to be EA games.

I don't think Sony is anywhere near the level of EA when it comes to shutting down servers though. EA has done it as soon as only a year later, and whenever they release a list of planned shutdowns, it's massive.

pixelsword2314d ago

@ spam:

I still can play Battlefront and Killzone online, as well as other games from the PS2 days... so you're actually kinda wrong on that one.

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TheLyonKing2314d ago

Makes sense, it will save some money too which is definitely needed.

mewhy322314d ago

This is a good decision for Sony.

CommonSenseGamer2314d ago

I wonder if they will discount the games effected on PSN.

mewhy322314d ago

Hmmm. That's a good question? I hope they do.

Tony-A2314d ago

Unfortunately, I doubt that will be happening. Calling All Cars had it's servers terminated years ago and I don't think anything changed, unless they discounted the game as a result. Can't really remember.

Blaze9292314d ago

Like the online pass, if EA can successfully do it, anyone else can.

KingME2314d ago

Doesn't make sense if you are still playing those games.

TheLyonKing2314d ago

If they are older titles the vast majority of users won't be on and Sony won't be making anything or benefitting from it. What's a couple of thousand people at most when Sony need to save money here and there.

Disccordia2314d ago

Lol when EA do it all hell breaks loose. But when Sony fo it its a good idea and makes sense...

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tigertron2314d ago

Thank god they aren't shutting down RFOM.

I wonder why they targeted Pacific Rift specifically and not the original Motorstorm?

guitarded772314d ago

I think MotorStorm servers have been shut down for quite some time.

tigertron2314d ago

Really? that sucks. Thats my favourite game in the series.

DeFFeR2314d ago


Well, you obviously don't play online that often, haha.

2314d ago
tigertron2313d ago


I play online regularly, just not Motorstorm even though I think its the best in the Motorstorm series.

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clearelite2314d ago

Yeah, considering the amount of people on RFOM a couple months ago, it may be best to keep it online.

Maybe more people play the original Motorstorm. I am not sure but that was one of the first things that came to mind.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

After 10 years Valve has shut down counter strike servers.. :(

not really..

It's good to be free!

*Maximum Armor Activated*

Red_Orange_Juice2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

its like comparing you to an intelligent person, makes just as much sense

omg im getting banned again, VADER NOOOOOOOOO

AnotherProGamer2314d ago

people have to pay money to keep the servers going.

BlackKnight2314d ago


It only costs money if you DESIGN the system/service to need servers (matchmaking servers and such).

Our current console games should all support LAN and direct IP connections online just like PC games (Except the console ports that are crippled like this) so that way they work forever and aren't dependent on a service that will eventually break your game. It costs nothing (it costs more to implement a service for the game).

But Devs/Pubs do this mainly to put a lifespan on your game and is a way to get people to buy the new wave of games if they haven't already. Just terrible.

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starchild2314d ago

This is one of the reasons I like the PC so much. There are almost always people who keep any good game alive.

clearelite2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

Isn't counterstrike still close to the number one online shooter played worldwide? It should be, because (imo) it makes most of this soft, casual trash with pretty graphics seem boring to me.

Ah CS, one of my favorites. I'm getting CS GO for PC and PS3.

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guitarded772314d ago

I hate it when this happens... I know the games are probably dead online, but I still like to have the option. Guess I'm gonna give Pacific Rift a spin before she gets shut down.

WeskerChildReborned2314d ago

Yea i'm hoping none of the games i actually enjoy will get shut down.