AMD's Fusion Chip Will be Based on Phenom Processor

PC World writes:

"Advanced Micro Devices gave further details of its upcoming Fusion processor, saying it will be based on the design of a microprocessor used in the desktops currently shipping to enthusiast PC users such as gamers.

The Fusion chip, which will combine a graphics processing unit and CPU on one chip, will be a redesign of the company's current Phenom processor."

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season0073858d ago

a combine of CPU and cell?

Great idea always share similarities right....let's see which does a better job then

JCDenton3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

No, it's not like Cell. Fusion will have CPU cores and GPU core(s) integrated on the same die.

Also, Cell has one PPE (which is a general purpose core), and 7 SPE units (little co-processors with no cache, branch predictors and different instruction set than PPE), meaning Fusion will probably be far more efficient and more powerful than Cell. "The power of Cell" is more just something that fanboys and paid developers like to talk about. Benchmarks show that Intel's Quad-Core (Core2Extreme) already destroys Cell in 95% of the tests. Cell is only more powerful when it comes to video encoding/decoding.

Ju3858d ago

[not like cell] Well, I hope so. I mean, they had about 5 years since the CELL has been released now (2009, and say CELL samples running 5 years prior to that).

Still, the idea is the same. Massive parallel minicores to perform certain tasks in parallel to the main cpu core(s). The main difference is they are using an existing multicore design, and move the now more and more complex becoming instruction sets of GpGPU into the cpu die, plus they will create some on die interconnects. Not that far off from the CELL and EIB. When the idea of the CELL was born, the SPUs were way faster then any GPU at the time, bad luck. Took them to long and GPUs passed it in performance, hence the RSX add on in the PS3.

IBM had a multicore CELL on the roadmap and also scaled SPUs to a higher number. But without a usecase for such a monster, it won't happen. I am curious how feasible such a PC chip can be. Not everybody is a gamer. But, well, they have to go this route. Not much more else left to innovate.

season0073858d ago

i can't believe you can't come up with such Sony/Cell Bashing comment when the only thing i say is great idea shares similarities..

o well, obviously i was talking about the idea not the structure..

gta_cb3858d ago

if AMD dont get back on track i will wait for Intel's option to fusion, as i have always pro AMD, but with the last year being disapointing i went and custom built an Intel Core 2 Duo PC, so for now i am good as i can upgrade to quad core, heres hoping they get their act together soonish!