The Dark Knight Rises Review (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Few things are more important this weekend than seeing The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated conclusion to one of the more celebrated movie trilogies of all time. That said, Gameloft is right there with the video game version for iOS and Android, filled with Batman's gadgets, vehicles, excellent graphics and a plot that follows the film. It's exactly the type of quality superhero adventure mobile fans deserve, despite a spastic camera, performance hiccups and a heavy reliance on in-app purchases. Normally, such issues would torpedo a game, but in this case, the Dark Knight (wait for it) rises above its shortcomings.

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moodgamer2286d ago

Dont care how the movie is, for sure its a 5/5 a 10/10 or a 100/100 =)

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r212286d ago

guys, i've watched TDKR. it isnt bad, thats all im saying.

MattyG2286d ago

Understatement of the year :)

Nimblest-Assassin2286d ago

ISn't bad?

The movie was f***ing amazing! I mean the part where he ********* ****** ****** and then he ****** and then bane *********

Oh my god... best movie I have seen this year

r212286d ago

dude, dont tell people it'll be mindblowingly amazing! that's the great surprise to the film. i was seriously expecting an okay sequel to TDK(which was brilliant), it was way better than i expected :D

TBM2285d ago

TDKR is hands down the BEST movie i've seen this year. amazing from beginning to end. great twists and surprises.