Third-party Wiimote comes in GameCube purple

Wii Fanboy:

"We've no idea whether or not Snakebyte's third-party Wii remote is a tribute to Nintendo's lunchbox, but we ask you: is there any other earthly reason to use that fruity shade? We'd also like to know the story behind that peculiar, rounded d-pad, or the tacky, clashing battery cover."

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Kakkoii3860d ago

That's a pretty cool Wiimote. Love the built in grip LOL. And the D-Pad is a lot more finger friendly.

M_Prime3860d ago

WOW.. looks like crap. compared to the OFFICIAL stuff.. but i wish they came in i dunno.. BLACK..

c'mon PURPLE? with a grey battery cover? at least make it 1 colour.

Kakkoii3860d ago

It's mean't to be gamecube themed.

The original gamecube and control was a Purple and Grey color scheme. Then other colors came after.

Salvadore3859d ago

If it retails at a cheaper price than Nintendo's first-party controllers and comes equipped with a rechargeable battery, I can see this selling very well.