Resident Evil 6 - mixed reactions to multi-layered gameplay | MSXB

Take a look at this video which explores the Resident Evil 6 gameplay and how it's three game styles in one.

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RaidensRising1974d ago

Not the Resi of old. Soneone please make a proper old school style survival horror game.

Them_Bones1974d ago

I would do it if I had the money lol.

Lord_Sloth1974d ago

Let me get some programmers and I will.

adorie1974d ago

I hope there is no tearing in the final product, but then again I'm probably renting this so I suppose it will not matter.

LOGICWINS1974d ago

The Leon sections look great.

user54670071974d ago

They look like Chris's section in RE5......except in the dark

Hardly interesting or scary

Lord_Sloth1974d ago

I wouldn't know as I can't play the demo yet since Capcom seems to punish people for buying Sony Products. I have to wait till September as a result.

adorie1974d ago

Funny you say that. Sony helped many of these companies achieve great exposure during the PlayStation's dominance.
It still strikes me weird that this gen, almost every 3rd party dev snubbed Sony in some way of form in favor of the Xbox 360.

I don't really care, as I go where the games are.
Good, quality games.

bunt-custardly1974d ago

Maybe Microsoft paid for the exclusive?