Final Fantasy XV: 4 Things It Must Have To Be A Classic

Final Fantasy XV may not even land for another few years, but after Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2 and XIV, Square Enix really need to step up their game to make XV the best Final Fantasy yet! Below is a list of five things Square need to do to win back Final Fantasy players hearts!

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Lovable2340d ago

This is what I think...

FF Versus 13 being cancelled was a way to change to give itself an actual number in the FF series ie FF 15. With FF 15 resurfacing all of a sudden it's not a far off possibility at all(atleast that's what I want to believe)...

Ranma12340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Some of the most important are:

-Turnbased battle system where you can control all characters like FF1-10

-Airship + World map to explore like FF1-9

-Likeable characters

-MOST OF ALL: an amazing story like FF used to be

XeoZin2340d ago

-A highlighted antagonist.

In both ff 12 and 13 the enemy was more a political system with no clear bad guy untill the end of the game. Bring back a clear bad guy like Sephiroth was.

HarvesterOSarow2340d ago

I definitely agree with your "Highlighted antagonist" notion.

I thought the political aspect of FF12 was pretty good, even if it was hard to follow sometimes. But as far as Square "lore" goes, Ivalice is always riddled with political strife and civil wars throughout many different games and consoles. I think that worked well in 12, but it was lacking a real intimidating villain and someone to be the face of it all.

For example in FFVII if you minus Sephiroth from the equation then you have a large enemy, which is Shinra. That worked great because you knew they were oppressing people and destroying the world, but as soon as Square built up the story of Sephiroth and he became of the face of evil, yet not working with Shinra directly, the enemies in FFVII became incredibly memorable.

araman2340d ago

I've had the same theory for a while now. It helps them shed the mostly negative vibe surrounding the FF13 name in the gaming community and lets the game stand alone on its own, which I think it deserves from what I've seen.

Summons752340d ago

LOL haven't you learned not to believe what you read on the internet....especially if the word RUMOR is in front of said bullsh*t

What sense dose it make to cancel a game that was 90% done in February?

Poor troll

Lovable2340d ago

"LOL haven't you learned not to believe what you read on the internet....especially if the word RUMOR is in front of said bullsh*t"

"What sense dose it make to cancel a game that was 90% done in February?"

Oh the Irony.

Summons752340d ago

yeah.....Square Enix said it themselves, so I tend to believe people who know what the f**k their doing

TheLyonKing2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

If ff vs is cancelled and the rumor is 100% true then we will see some aspect of vs within 15.

I dunno I just feel like this game won't have that much heart in it I mean Tetsuya's team were pulled away from their game which they invested so much in to work on this.

hkgamer2340d ago

If FFvXIII is really cancelled then I guess most of the games assets will be used for kingdom hearts.

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Elda2340d ago

If there is any truth to the VS rumor maybe VS will be FFXV & this will be in the game.

Capt-FuzzyPants2340d ago

I don't think it was canceled. Because if morale was low I think somebody that was frustrated would have let something slip. Plus they added a song from Versus into Theatrythm. The rumor could be half true if it gets a name change. But if Versus is now 15 then the other rumor the other day would be wrong. Hopefully Versus remains a seperate game and we still get a good FF15.

Snarkasaur2340d ago

What a super generic list!

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