Ubisoft: "Watch Dogs is our next big brand"

"As soon as we started showing our results to upper management they were like 'this is our next big brand'," producer Dominic Guay told OXM in an interview you'll read alongside our massive Watch Dogs preview in issue 88, which you should BUY IMMEDIATELY or regret not doing so till your dying day.

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richierich2286d ago

So is Watch Dogs going to be released for current gen consoles?

chukamachine2286d ago

I think they could do watch dogs on current consoles well enough, but obviously it would look better on newer machines and PC.

Looked interesting though.

Gekko2286d ago

Hopefully this game isn't just all talk. I mean I remember how the first Assassin's Creed game turned out so if they are trying to make it their next big brand they should work on it's quality and less about its future.