Controversy Surrounding The Tomb Raider Reboot

The situation might of calmed down, but there’s still plenty to poke at this controversial rape scene or attempted rape scene or whatever it’s supposed to be in the upcoming 2013 Tomb Raider reboot.

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SavageKuma1976d ago

Honestly developers are just trying to bring more believablility into their games and having this supposed "rape" scenario is not uncommon in the world especially where she ends up. If this all leads to her building as a stronger character than it makes sense. We have played many titles where characters get tortured or witnessed murders of their family that lead the story into a reasoning to character building. I am actually interested to see where the developers are going with Lara this time around as we learn how she became who she is. Nice article by the way.

Kyur4ThePain1975d ago

"The situation might of calmed down"


Lord_Sloth1975d ago

At least post something worth reading. Don't cry about an error that's not as rare as you might think.

Hicken1975d ago

That doesn't make it better, but WORSE. My six year-old nephew knows better, and... well, he's SIX. As a writer, that's exactly the sort of thing that makes me disregard "gaming journalism."

If you wanna be taken seriously, you can't go around making "common" errors.

Lord_Sloth1975d ago

I agree, but pointing it out when the article has worse faults just seems finicky to me. Attack how stupid this whole "rape" thing is or something.

Hicken1975d ago

I couldn't get past the error, personally speaking, to even bother to move forward with the other issues the article may have.

As for the so-called controversy, it only exists as a way for certain groups to grab attention. Most of what I've seen thus far is male "journalists" decrying the accurate use of a very real danger in a game that attempts to be rooted in realism. I've already grown tired of debating how stupid such an act is, so if the article is another one of those, it'd be a waste of time, anyway.

RawbWB1975d ago

I'm from Texas, and down here it's actually very common to use "of" instead of "have" in sentences like that. However, I am aware of how wrong it is and I'm trying to kick the habit.

StayStatic1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Oh Cry me a river

thezeldadoth1975d ago

please go away and quit trying to ruin good storytelling and free speech in our games.

prototypeknuckles1975d ago

only people sill complaining about this is sensitive butthurt GUYS NOT WOMEN BUT SENSITIVE MEN.

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