Taking The Training Wheels Off: Why Games Treat You Like Dumb Children

Tony Hawk HD treats you like an adult, modern games treat you like an idiot, and the proof is all around you. This opinion blog looks at the dumbing down of games, and why gamers shouldn't stand for it any more.

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TimmyShire2341d ago

Is it time to say goodbye?

To hard games, I mean. Of course.

Feckles2341d ago

Totally agree, games are much easier than they ever were, they bascially tell you how to play them while you play them now.

The solution is simple though, play on a harder difficulty setting.

skyward2341d ago

CoD's about as procedural as modern games get - but it's also the best-selling. Dumb=money

miamicanesruleall2340d ago

Most gamers are immature and dumb so why wouldn't they be treated as such?