'Limits Hit For PS3 & Xbox 360': What Devs Want From Next-Gen Consoles

NowGamer: What do game developers themselves want to see from the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4?

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milohighclub2338d ago

i'll tell you what i want...i want devs to stop releasing games that are broken. nearly every mager game ive played since the middle of last year has launched broken. its probs only gonna get worse.

we need more rights as consumers. if i get 100hrs into a game and it stutters and crashes after 10mins every time i put it on,i should be entitled to an immediate full refund at the price i paid for it from the place i bought it.

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lonesoul652338d ago

mind listing some of these major broken releases?

Dlacy13g2338d ago

Pick any Bethesda title...

But in fairness, Patching has become a double edged sword. It's great we can patch and fix stuff that in previous generations we couldn't, but now many devs use patching as an excuse to not fix things before release and just do it post release.

QA testing of games today has become a bit sloppy IMO. Mostly because games are big money, ship dates are set far in advance and devs are held to them with bonuses often tied to shipping on time, and ....they always know they can patch fixes post release.

lonesoul652338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

WEll, only game that I'm aware of from bethesda that you could be talking about is Skyrim or possibly Rage. Rage was kinda ID's fault at least for the PC version of the game and I never has any issues with Skyrim personally.

Games have always had patch after patch when it comes to the PC least in the past 15 years. I think you are right that in some situations games are released too early due to money issues but I dont know many developers who choose it to be this way.

As far as testing, Consoles are one thing but PC's are another. Testing for all PC configurations and stuff is impossible, and the amount of people who play games, and the complexity of games themselves these day, you will always be able to break something eventually.

I for sure agree that costs have at times been cut in the wrong places...but the masses lack patience and fail to understand that games are never perfect...and never will be. I think our expectations are way to high...

Just my thoughts at least

milohighclub2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

yeah skyrim, uncharted 3, ghost recon, resistance 3, battlefield 3 all say hello......i'll have a look through my trophies to remember the rest.

and to your comment

"but the masses lack patience and fail to understand that games are never perfect...and never will be. I think our expectations are way to high... "

when i patiently wait x amount of years for my the next game in my favourite franchise, i should not have to sit there and wait 6 month with the game for it to be in a state it should of been at launch.

i understand that games will never be perfect but when you buy a game at £40 and put in the console for it to straight away crash on the main menu, its kind of a piss take.

also when you spend £40 for a game, play 100 hours only to find it become unplayable is unacceptable!!!

honkayjeezus2337d ago

Even a simple game like Lego Batman 2 for 360 was unplayable for some with freezes, including myself. Actually hit a level where I had to play it about fifteen times to get past a freeze point.

Fallout 3 can still be dicey at times with larger save files, Skyrim continues to be nightmarish on PS3, or just pick your average FPS like Call of Duty's online day one.

Knushwood Butt2337d ago

I second Uncharted 3.

Played through it again (second run) just last weekend, fully patched. At the start of Chapter 10, the game just flat out crashed my PS3.

There are games with far more issues, but UC3 is fresh in my mind.

milohighclub2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

yeah i was pretty gutted with the amount of issues uncharted launched with, i.e characters vanishing and stuttering through cutscenes really annoyed the shit out of me....ND have patched alot and theres a massive patch coming (part 1 of patch notes are on nd website) but unfortunately its now 9 month after launch and the game is only just getting to the state it should of been at launch.

i wont even get annother bethesda game until a year after launch...probs gonna be a GOTY edition(the complete game)

thing is people say no game is i completely understand and agree with that statement, however if your that confident you have a great game on your hand then add another year to dev times. do a couple of betas/demos when you would of released have beta, run for a few month and then add another year to dev time.

look at rockstar, they are in no hurry to release GTA5 cos they know it sell like crazy. like they said they dont want to rush it cos they actually care about fans...

Silly gameAr2337d ago

What version of Uncharted 3 were you guys playing?

milohighclub2336d ago

its not about the version cos they were all the same. its about acceptance. As a MASSIVE uncharted fan, putting hundreds of hours into the series, i can truthfully say that i accept that uncharted 3 was broken as shit.

as can a whole community, just check ND'S forums for the whole story...

lonesoul652335d ago

There is some sort of obvious difference. I played though Uncharted 3 day one with no crashes. I Played Skyrim on the PC and didn't have a single crash either. Battlefield 3 had funny beta bugs but I had no issues after that. I know that the PS3 ports have had a lot of issues now and again but that is more of an architecture issue. It is pretty difficult to get the same game running perfect on 3 different systems much less 4 if you include nintendo.

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Jazz41082338d ago

I have played zero broken games on 360 so these must be all games I did not pick up for ps3. If you know of broken games for 360 please list them as I think this is no doubt ps3 as its a beech to code on for most devs.

Kingnichendrix2338d ago

Dragon dogma, its terrible on the 360

HammadTheBeast2337d ago

What kind of nex level box are you playin on?

Persistantthug2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

There's alot of games that are glitched or broken at launch this gen....doesn't matter the platform.

Also, Skyrim had problems and issues on all platforms as well.

Assuming you buy or have alot of games, You must not be buying games at launch if you haven't experienced any.

But as a sort of hint, when you see patches that say 1.04....that means it's been patched several times to get it right.

pixelsword2337d ago

Halo ODST; I put a how to fix article up for it (disc read errors).

Parasyte2337d ago

Fallout 3, New Vegas, Oblivion, Skyrim, Rage, etc.

You may have just gotten lucky, but each of the games I listed have had massive issues at launch even on 360.

lonesoul652334d ago

i thought dragons dogma ran much better on the 360...played it all the way though on the PS3 and slowly going back though on the 360. The PS3 version had major slowdown due to vsync always on and 360 has some tearing issues but overall runs a bit better...combat much more responsive. Wish they would make a PC version = )

Great game btw if anyone on the fence about it.

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DivineHand1252337d ago

I think Bethesda is wrong for knowingly selling a faulty product to unsuspecting consumers but there is no way you can expect a full refund after playing the game for 100hrs especially when the average game campaign last about 10hrs.

MostJadedGamer2337d ago

If you put 100 hours into agame you have already gotten far more then your money's worth. You cann't complain at that point.

Persistantthug2337d ago

If developers and publishers aren't held financially accountable, just as they aren't now.....then they'll keep putting out beta versions of their games for full price.

Give them something to fear, and their Q/A teams will stop running on shoestring budgets, and we'll get more competent products.

pixelsword2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

@ MostJadedGamer:

Suppose a person gets an extra-large soda from their favorite eatery for half-price; as they are about to finish the last third of their drink at the bottom they discover under the ice that there's a dead mouse at the bottom. They go and demand their money back and much more and the owner says:

"You usually get a drink this size for double what you paid for it; the fact that you almost finished the drink states that you enjoyed the drink past the price you paid: you can't complain at that point".

According to you, this person ought to be thankful for the drink because they got "more than their moneys worth".

I can't say that's sad, but that's the reason why people have to pay for DLC and to play online nowadays. Keep on being thankful though; I'm sure they'll charge you to play the games you already own soon enough.

MostJadedGamer2337d ago

Pixel a extra large soda cann;t at all be compared to a 100 hour game.

I would much rather have a game that is broken after you hit the 100 hour mark then to have a game that only last 20 hours or less

Its those games that you only play 20 hours or less that are the real ripoffs.

pixelsword2336d ago

And some people would rather have a extra-large soda than a small; but a unpleasant ending is an unpleasant ending.

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Ravenor2337d ago


Have you ever heard of development costs before?

Seriously, you can't just sit on a game and release a bunch of Beta/Demo (as you say). People have to get paid, and sitting there and weeding out every bug just isn't economical. Not everyone has the luxury of Rockstar, who can wait and let a game stew.

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ForeignEarth2338d ago

Devs should concentrate more on their games instead.

clearelite2337d ago

Yes, a lot of great and original games could be created with the current hardware. I suppose when certain companies want some quick cash it is easier for them to offer the novelty of fancier graphics, than complete quality.

DG902338d ago

This the part when console gamers(me) ask for certain specs for next gen consoles... & pc gamers come along & tell everyone how they had those specs for years.

Ravenor2337d ago

Thanks for the update. Glad you have it all figured out.

abzdine2338d ago

i dont think, apart from sony exclusives, that 3rd party games are stunning. They are just okay IMO.
I think hardware is still not maxed out, we could see that with The Last of Us for example on PS3, or HALO4 on 360.

i'm not ready for next gen, mostly because the prices will be sky high and i still have many games to play on PS3 before i buy a 360 and play some exciting exclusives on it.

hellvaguy2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

95% of third party games wont be as good as first party titles because they dont have a 200 million budget to get the most talented producers.

It's like asking why cant someone in high school dunk like Micheal Jordan. Think about it.

clearelite2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Sorry this is n4g. Where many people would rather have slightly prettier graphics than quality gameplay, originality, etc.

Advance the graphics and let the gameplay slide in whichever direction, it's okay not many will notice.

MysticStrummer2337d ago

What did he say that warranted that response?

Dlacy13g2338d ago

I found the responses interesting. Some where certainly the tried and true line of "more graphical fidelity and processing power" but there were a few standouts that made me pause... The God of War directors comments in particular I found interesting just due to his stance on Move and Kinect. Overall though these responses were all pretty generic. I would love to see one of these guys just say "8GB of RAM...thats what I need"

lonesoul652338d ago

I agree with you and I'm sure they have all chimed in on that somewhere here and there. It probably has to do more with how the question was asked to them that dictated their responses. Consoles are a different beast when it comes to specs though. * gigs of ram in a PC is different than 8 gigs in a dedicated gaming console. I do like the focus on non-graphical aspects of gaming sucks as AI routines, being able to enter and explore every house and building in games like GTA.

It will be interesting to see how much of this current talk translates into future games. There are so many subtle advancements that can be made to make gaming worlds more believable but they take a ton more time to develop and more a ton more processing power to implement.