About the male gaze and other holy cows

Han Cilliers from MWEB GameZone takes a look at some of the latest gaming issues that caused worldwide face-palming.

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DesVader2314d ago

One thing that always pops into my mind on this subject - do you really need attempted rape and scantily clad woman to make a great game - No, you don't, imho - and if you have to resort to that to sell the game, I think you're desperately trying to sell a crap game.

Ravenor2313d ago

The rape scene or the Scantily clad women are hardly selling features. Who is the person buying games because of the "rape" content or because scantily clad women?

You don't need those things, but if you want a mature adult story then sometimes things like abuse happen. Is it a requirement? No of course not, but it's potentially a reasonable thing to happen within a story.In the context of Lara it makes sense and the controversy was way over blown.

HanCilliers2313d ago

Ravenor, well said, agree with you 100%