Rainbow Moon | Good Game SP Review

You can’t rush through Rainbow Moon at all; you just won’t be strong enough to progress. You just need to keep grinding your way through as many of these turn-based battles as possible, so that you can eventually fill up your party and get to the good, complex and meaty stuff. It's just a shame that it takes SO long to get going.

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Wintersun6162278d ago

Oh come on, everything doesn't have to happen right now at this very moment. The fact that this game is slow paced and takes time is one of the biggest reasons why I like it so much.

Arnagrim2278d ago

I've never heard of a SRPG that didn't take a while to get going.

Philoctetes2278d ago

I'm loving this game. It's a really nice change of pace from most of the other stuff out there.

Fullmetalevolust2278d ago

Rushing and RPG's don't usually mix well, unless it's a spell called rushing that makes you skip turns during a battle! lol