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The three most important things in a game are “gameplay, gameplay, gameplay” – Ian Livingstone

Gameplay, gameplay and gameplay are the three most important things for a video game to have.

That’s the view of games industry legend and co-author of the Fighting Fantasy series Ian Livingstone OBE who was speaking to The Train2Game Blog at Develop Conference 2012. (Dev, Develop Conference, Ian Livingstone, Industry, Mobile, PC, PS3, Train2Game, Xbox 360)

Hellsvacancy  +   827d ago
I agree, but im gettin older now (almost 29) so i like a mature story to boot
unchartedxplorer  +   827d ago
If you had read the article, he did say 'You've got to create a strong storyline, a great narrative and have a great emotional engagement' Read the article next time.
MmaFan-Qc  +   827d ago
Heavy Rain
Ravenor  +   827d ago

Can always tell a MMA fan.

Nothing about Heavy Rain was emotionally engaging, it was nothing but plot holes and possibly the silliest motive I have ever witnessed in a game.
PoSTedUP  +   827d ago
i feel older (22) and ive always liked realism in my games since i was younger.

gameplay and graphics for me. screw the story let me shoot up a bunch of bad guys for what ever reason then crash and kill myself in a high speed chase for my enjoyment.
ApolloTheBoss  +   827d ago
“But above all, with a game, the gameplay has to be fantastic because people will always buy a game which has great gameplay and poor graphics over something which has great graphics and poor gameplay.”

This man is my hero.
Gorbenshore  +   827d ago
"...because people will always buy a game which has great gameplay and poor graphics over something which has great graphics and poor gameplay.”

There's the problem. That's like saying, people will buy a rock concert ticket but the band won't be playing a single guitar. Graphics are just as important as gameplay; there doesn't have to be any compromises. I don't think 'The Last of Us' would be getting as much attention if it was a side scroller.
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krisq  +   827d ago
Hayabusa 117  +   827d ago
So true! Sound is completely over rated!
Fishy Fingers  +   827d ago
Ha, an argument many of N4G agrees with when it suits them. Although 90% of discussions centre around graphics.

How many comments in Wii U threads even mention gameplay as opposed to graphics? 1 in 50 maybe. For the masses to suggest they agree gameplay > graphics is laughable, when their actions clearly show otherwise.
Hayabusa 117  +   827d ago
Exactly. Well said.
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from the beach  +   827d ago
Great, now what is 'gameplay'?
omarzy  +   827d ago
Add gameplay to that important list as well. Anyone who stated gaming this generation already knows this.
Picnic  +   827d ago
Gameplay is essentially all about the things that you control or that control, or can control you, in some way in a game, otherwise it's graphical or audio windowdressing.

However that graphical or audio windowdressing is what elevates what you are doing above being a kind of sport in to being a kind of theatrical entertainment with explicit or implicit messages about the atmosphere / values of the environment that you are in and the nature of yourself and other characters.

If Mr Livingstone wants to make sports games then maybe gameplay, gameplay, gameplay is his 3 most important things. But for gamesmakers trying to attract young adults with their thirst for magical entertainment and education, gameplay is far from the full picture.

Some might say that technically the gameplay of Silent Hill 3 is pedestrian, having to try numerous locked doors and not that many horrifying monsters. But the character, choice of environments, visuals and sound elevate it to much more in your imagination than is actually in the game.
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SageHonor  +   827d ago
I say gameplay and story.
goldwyncq  +   827d ago
It's a VideoGAME so obviously it needs good gameplay.
mt  +   827d ago
I would say "Gameplay, Gameplay , Storyline."
Straightupbeastly  +   827d ago
Gameplay, controls and Environment is all that matters. You can have the greatest story ever, but if the game takes place in a cardboard box with horrible charatcer movements it will suck. If you have a shitty story but the game takes place in an awesome environment, smooth controls with lots of cool stuff to do the game will rock.
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NeoBasch  +   827d ago
I have to disagree. One of my favorite games of all time Digital Devil Saga 2, doesn't do much to innovate the RPG genre. The gameplay isn't a whole lot of fun when viewed on its own. The battle system and difficulty settings are pretty good, but it'd get old if it wasn't for the amazing storyline.

Seriously, the story was so good that went straight up to the top for me. All that mattered was I felt a genuine bond between myself and Serph, as well as the rest of the party. The gameplay was far more subtle and relied on the story heavily. If a character left the party for example, you truly felt it, even in the gameplay because everything they achieved on the shared mantra grid would be washed away.

It's stuff like that that immerses me into a game. Not a finely tuned FPS like Call of Duty or Halo. If I play a game with a shitty story, it's already lost a significant amount of respect as far as I'm concerned, it can still be good if the gameplay is amazing (it can make up for it and vice versa with story), but it can never be truly great unless it has at the very least a serviceable story or narrative.
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Straightupbeastly  +   827d ago
You just said the gameplay isn't a whole lot of fun. It's fine of you disagree, just saying.

I think my 3 reasons are why Call of Duty just keeps going. It hits those 3 nails on the head year after year. People may start hating the gameplay, but for any newcomer, as all of us once were, they could easily fall in love with it's fast and hectic gameplay if its new to them.
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NeoBasch  +   827d ago
I disagree. Yes gameplay is important but so is the visual, aural, and writing aesthetics. Its a VIDEO game. It's a part of the visual art medium, as in: movies, TV shows, paintings, architecture, etc... In an interactive experience it all has to come together. Just like a movie brings together visuals, audio, and writing, so to will video games. The only addition is interactivity, which it has to seamlessly weave into the experience.

And gameplay mechanics are dull, by the way. You can give a game interactivity without building entire systems designed for a particular genre. Developers need to stop focusing on genres like FPS, TPS, Strategy, Racing, etc, and instead focus on how to blend these mechanics together seamlessly in a way that "gameplay mechanics" don't feel repetitive after you've killed the 12,113th terrorist.
Gorbenshore  +   827d ago
good gameplay + good graphics > good gameplay + bad graphics

There doesn't have to be any compromises.
Kaos_Vll  +   827d ago
love this guy!

gameplay is THE most important element for me, but sadly others like me are far and few. most just want a pretty game to look at with nothing to do in it.

how you find enjoyment in playing a game because it looks oh so good but plays like a turd is beyond me. how is that fun? swinging at air, horrible animations,but it looks great!

sadly it doesn't matter how powerful next gen is, most devs are going to use it for graphics ala skyrim and let the gameplay suffer.

2 great examples in dev choice: dragon's dogma and skyrim

skyrim's graphics are incredible but plays like shit. huge open world with NOTHING to do but explore. in a game that boasts over hundrends of hours of gameplay you'd think having good gameplay is important, but it's not to them and it's not to the people who praise it. they NEVER praise skyrim for it's gameplay or story, strictly graphics. yet the game wins awards.

on the other hand, take dragon's dogma, GREAT gameplay that drives you to play well after you've completed everything, good but not great graphics and a decent story to boot (once you've completed the game it makes sense) yet it is hated on.

next gen will be more of the same, more power going to the graphics with gameplay taking a backseat. sad

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