The Summer Drought Is A Good Thing: Play Old Games

The summer drought kills all games, leaving us thirsty and miserable. But wait! We all have extra stocks in our piles of shame! QUENCH YOUR GAMING THIRST.

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SuperLupe2309d ago

Currently going through Red dead Redemption for the first time and will be unwrapping UC3 next week.

PoSTedUP2309d ago

bingo! just bought gtaLCstories on vita thats what im playing tonight. Message via vita

RufustheKing2309d ago

It's a mad world that we live in. America is suffering from drought and westeren europe has had none stop rain since april.

Hicken2309d ago

Play old games? Who does that? According to n4g, there's no such thing as downtime: if a system is lacking in games, it's dead. There should ALWAYS be a new game coming out every week, or the system isn't getting any support.

With that sort of schedule, there's no way there would ever be a chance for going back to play old games.

Well, I guess it's good that I started gaming long before I had ever heard of n4g. I frequently go back and play old stuff, and I don't get rid of a game as soon as I'm done with it. Of course, I have lots of other things to do- like write, draw, read, eat, sleep, work, etc- so I don't burn through a game in two days, either.

Baka-akaB2309d ago

There is only a drought if you only get the most popular games .

this year alone in July you've got Last story , Inversion , August you get Persona 4 arena , Darksiders , Sleeping Dogs , Dark souls PC .