9 PSone Games To Play On Your Vita

Play-Mag writes: PS Vita’s upcoming firmware update – version 1.8 – will add the ability to play PSone classics on it, finally. There’s plenty of them available on the PS Store, but you only have a certain amount of space on your handheld to store them.

So why don’t we help out and tell you nine PSone games you should buy for your PS Vita? Why not indeed. We’re nice like that, plus it means we can get all nostalgic, and that’s a warm, comfortable feeling.

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CloudyAero2277d ago

Legend of the Dragoon is what I'm really waiting to play on my Vita.
Oh and Spyro the Dragon.

mantisimo2277d ago

I'd just like more new games that the vita is capable of playing, yeah spyro and dragoon were great games in their time but i've been there and done that and still play somet imes on my ps2.

New games please.

Hicken2277d ago

Do you play your PS2 in the car? Or the doctor's office? That's kinda the point of this: to be able to play all these classics/current games while not being at home, or in front of your TV.

I don't get why people always seem to have something else to complain about. If there were more Vita-specific games, and the update to play PS1 games wasn't coming, you'd be upset about that instead.

mantisimo2271d ago

No I wouldn't I would play the new games happily at the doctors office etc. I'm not complaining just asking for new and not bothered about the old.

taquito2277d ago

will psone games look better on vita than psp though, taking that low resolution and putting it on an hd screen will actually make it look worse most likely

just like standard definition looks great on an sd tv but bloody awful on an hd display

Sephiroushin2277d ago

Not on the list but Castlevania: SOTN, I've played Castlevania multiples times yet I don't get bored of it!

LeBronista2277d ago

well you can try downloading Dracula x Chronicles on the PS Store then unlock SOTN..

DivineAssault 2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I agree with Legacy of Kain & FF but the rest can go... There were MUCH better games on PS1 than that crap that was shown

LightofDarkness2271d ago

Yes, but are those games available on the PS Store?

NeoTribe2277d ago

Who cares about ps1 crap. Times are over with.