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Submitted by ApolloTheBoss 1298d ago | rumor

Rumor: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Dead

It's been six years since Square Enix first showed Final Fantasy Versus XIII's debut trailer. Six long years. When that trailer premiered, George W. Bush was president, Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden were alive, and the global financial crisis had not yet hit. 2006 was a different world, a long, long time ago. (Final Fantasy XV, PS3, Square Enix)

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StarFox  +   1298d ago
well thats a bummer if true, but its not like nobody didn't see that possibility coming anyways. way to kill something with so much potential and instead give us bullshit like FF XIII, FFXIII-2, & allegedly FF XIII-3. Fuck off Sqaure
zeal0us  +   1298d ago
If its true tons of people will be pissed.

SE got enough projects on their hands. If any project should of died then it should of been sequels to FF13.
Winter47th  +   1298d ago
I'm sorry, but anyone who actually put his trust in SquareEnix and realistically thought this game was actually in development is delusional.

How many "shitty" titles did they release in 6 years? How many trailers/gameplay did they release for their sure hit gold farm Versus 13? Right.
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Pozzle  +   1298d ago
That's the part that sucks the most. :(

If Versus XIII really had been cancelled due to financial reasons, then it's not only sad that such a good-looking game got canned, but also because Square have spent so much time and money in the last few years developing other games that are either average or not-asked-for by fans.
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hay  +   1298d ago
True. If it's canned, my adventure with Square is canned along with it.
Grap  +   1298d ago
I really don't care i lost my hype 2 years ago anything above 4 years developing there is really something wrong with it. besides SE isn't square we know
gaffyh  +   1298d ago
I hope to God that this rumour isn't true. Versus is the one game I was looking forward to in the JRPG space, and if it's cancelled, then I give up on Square.
Tr10wn  +   1298d ago
"How many "shitty" titles did they release in 6 years? How many trailers/gameplay did they release for their sure hit gold farm Versus 13? Right."

over 9000!!!!
badz149  +   1298d ago
I don't think they should release it anymore anyway! Made people excited, built tremendous anticipation but left them in the dark! I called it, it's a VAPORWARE! Thanks but no thanks SE!
creatchee  +   1298d ago
IMO the only reason that there was any hype over this game was because of its PS3 exclusivity - and that was (obviously) coming from the PS3-only crowd. But in reality, it doesn't matter what console you make games for - if they're not good, they're not good. And Square hasn't been on par for a very long time. And there was nothing in any of the previews that looked like VS would have been life-changing or anything.

Sad that they may cancel it, but no sadder than any other game that gets canned.
Reibooi  +   1298d ago
I HIGHLY doubt this is true. SE knows that people have been waiting forever for this game and that many people consider it the last bastion of hope for SE in terms of making good games. With that knowledge they would be suicidal to cancel it.

The only way I can conceive this as being true is if the game is no longer being called VersusXIII and has been renamed FFXV as some other rumors have said in the past.

It also makes no sense that mere months ago we heard from Nomura that a official large scale unveiling of the game was soon to come(likely at TGS)
Darrius Cole  +   1298d ago

I disagree that the game was only popular because it was PS3 exclusive. I've always thought that FFvs13 looked more promising than FF13.

I don't put any stock in rumors from unnamed sources, especially rumors that only come from one internet site. You would think that if there was such a leak that one or more Japanese language sites would have it first.

This rumor, however, hits people deeply because it reinforces a fear. There has been so little news about FFvs13 the people were already fearing that it had become vaporware.

There is a chance that this game actually is vaporware. There is also a chance that the game has been rebranded FFXV. It never made sense to do a full-scale production for a spin-off game that would sell 2-3 million more copies simply by changing the name on the box.
morganfell  +   1297d ago
If it turns out FF XIII isn't cancelled it will be amazing to watch the irresponsible press begin their "I was only reporting news" dodge.

No you ignorant jerkwaters, you were propagating a rumor that if not true could still harm a company's financials an all because of your jump the gun idiocy.

It will also reconfirm (for the zillionth time) the press is the outright enemy of real gamers and they do more harm to gaming than any other entity.


Thread is here:
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thats_just_prime  +   1297d ago
only ps3 fanboys are pissed cause they though it be only on the ps3 but the trailer said for ps3 not only for ps3.

and seriously it looked like crap. it had an emo hero and crappy music thats all we know about this title

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miyamoto  +   1297d ago
Tsk. tsk.

Squeenix should have not sold their souls!

Politics have ruined gaming.
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sikbeta  +   1297d ago
IF true, SE was trolling all these years for no good reason lol
Darrius Cole  +   1297d ago

Well, two rumors neither proves anything. But if I have to chose one I choose the one you reported. Because at least we know that person's name. The Kotaku rumor is given by the mysterious nobody.
darthawesome90  +   1297d ago
I hope it just became FFXV, like the rumor that was released in May revealing that Versus may be multi-platform for the Wii U and PS3. If not then someone needs to start firing some people and replacing them with talent.

here is the link to the Wii U multiplat and re-branding rumor

I don't really think it's cancelled. It has everything going for it. Likeable characters (from what we've seen), dark like FFVII, great aesthetics, huge fan base, etc. If they can't perfect something that has been in dev. for six years then what makes Square-Enix believe that they can create FFXV? (assuming it's not FF-Versus rebranded)
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pixelsword  +   1297d ago
Even if it came out, it doesn't mean it will be good; SE's been dropping the ball lately.
KobeT24  +   1298d ago
This is some pretty serious stuff Kotaku is reporting. Although it makes no sense that after 6 years Square would simply dump the project, I do like the idea of maybe making it into FF XV.

That being said if no appearance is made at Tokyo Gaming Show or any news reported on the title I'm calling it cancelled, and will begin to rant to Nomura, demanding my Kingdom Hearts 3 be started on.
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Kingnichendrix  +   1298d ago
Im not sure I believe this, think about it, it sure has a lot of people talking about it now maybe this is a rather subtle plan. But perhaps what I say is just wishful thinking.
iamtehpwn  +   1298d ago
"Square Enix, this source added, has also decided to let Final Fantasy Versus XIII die quietly on the vine and fade away, instead of officially announcing its cancellation. This would likely be due to the fact a public acknowledgement of a Versus' cancellation could impact things like Square Enix's stock prices."

WOW. That's just plain INSULTING and misleading.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1298d ago
That quote right there is what makes the rumor ridiculous imo. I know SE is pretty stupid (this gen anyway), but surely they cant expect ppl to just forget about the 1 title that looked to rival FF7. This game is one of THE MOST anticipated games this gen and you expect me to believe it'll get "The Last Remnant" treatment? Rumor woulda been believable if not for that.

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Frankfurt  +   1298d ago
Stock holders follow NEWS, they don't sit at home thinking "oh, i wonder how that game from 6 years ago is going and how that affects my shares".

At most a stock holder may ask them about it in a live chat between the president and holders. Stock holders are not fanboys.
MiloGarret  +   1297d ago
@Frankfurt: I am surprised to see someone with an iq above 50 here. Beware, reading the comments on n4g news stories may lower it.
Disccordia  +   1297d ago
legally I think companies on the stock exchange need to announce stuff like this
Irishguy95  +   1298d ago
If this is true, I will write "Square-enix" on my toilet paper for the next few weeks/

In what way do S-E see this as a correct move? When Versus has almost always had more love than FFXIII and been anticipated more. I mean really from a financial point of view(S-E#s only point of view). Why the hell are they wasting away on FFXiii sequels trying to fix that mess instead of trying with a new game completely?

I just hope they have at least the decency to tell us if this is true. Also, I wouldn't mind if it gets renamed 15/

+ it's just illogical, the amount of work already done of the game is too much to just throw away, it's been in 'full' development for over a year now, let alone the other 6 years. Remember the last trailer we got was from January last year.
1.5 years more work on this build just cancelled? Too unbelievable
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iamtehpwn  +   1298d ago
Actually, now that I think about it more logically, if Versus was cancelled, why would Square Enix have just released a DLC for Theathrym Final Fantasy, for Somnus, a song from Versus XIII?

Anyway, I hope that everyone will work to keep this news story relevant so that Square enix will comment and not try to dodge it.
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Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1298d ago
This. The game isn't cancelled fellas, it's either being renamed, rebranded, or it's just suffering from development hell.
Dakidog  +   1298d ago
Exactly what i was going to say, glad i read the comments. No way they can kill it if they're keeping it relevant in new titles.
Blacksand1  +   1298d ago
Like i said it coming on PS4
Morrigan-Aensland  +   1298d ago
The best platform for ff vs 13 now is the ps vita. It would be awesome if they would put it on the ps vita.

Irishguy95  +   1298d ago
Slaps just before teleport

~ via time travel ~
StraightPath  +   1298d ago
Should be coming out multiplatform so they can make more money.
Irishguy95  +   1298d ago
It's possible 'Versus Xiii' is being cancelled/

And renamed as FF15 so S-E can say

"Hey S-E I thought this was exclusive to ps3?"

"hurr, no it isn't, FF versus got cancelled, FF15 was Multiplatform as soon as we brought our plan to fruition"
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DragonKnight  +   1298d ago
@StraightPath: Except that the highest selling/grossing FF games have all been a console exclusive. FFXIII sold worse globally as a multiplatform title than any previous title did as an exclusive game.

@Irishguy95: I can totally see Wada coming up with such a tacky plan.
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slaton24  +   1298d ago
why so they can take more stuff away from it like they did on FF13 so the 360 can handle it....being 1 disc ps3 3 or more on 360
ritsuka666  +   1298d ago
Kotaku rumor. I'm inclined to say BS people!!!
Organization XII  +   1298d ago
いいえ。。。Kotaku's rumors usually do materialize eventually. In this case, I hope not. But what do you expect after six years of no concrete info? Yes, Noctis is doomed.
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BanditGamer  +   1298d ago
Well that's sucks! What's marin77/ken77/kar going to use to fluff upcoming ps3 exclusive lists he keeps sending me and other xbox 360 owners I assume?
_Aarix_  +   1298d ago

I'd like to know the a**holes who disagreed with you because ITS TRUE, I get freaking spam from sony cheerleaders and people don't believe sony fanboys are the worst? Oh Im sorry, I forgot this is n4ps3, my bad people, i forgot.
xflo360  +   1298d ago
its almost defo ff15 now. I mean think about it for a second is itgonna sell more as a spin off to ff13 or as a new title in the series ie ff15?! exactly!
Ranma1  +   1298d ago
Square ANUS does it again, never fails to disappoint !!!

they suck so bad this gen !
brish  +   1298d ago
This reminds me of a conversation I had a few months ago!


I WONT buy a game that will give SE an incentive to make more mediocre games like it


You do realize that if Square goes bankrupt they won't be making ANY games right?

I'm not suggesting anyone buy a game they don't want but Square is also making a game called Versus. Do you want that game?

If you do it would make sense for you to want Square to succeed in the game market so they can finish Versus.

If everyone stopped buying games from Square until Versus is released they would go bankrupt before Versus is finished.
Jazz4108  +   1298d ago
I could care less about vs just don't screw up publishing dishonored.
DigitalAnalog  +   1297d ago
Dishonored is being published by Bethesda.
MiloGarret  +   1297d ago
Also, Dishonored is going to suck balls. Just saying.
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gintoki777  +   1298d ago
We will see at Tokyo Game show if this is for real. Because if Versus is not there I think its safe to say it is over.
Commander_TK  +   1298d ago
Well fuck me.
master_beta   1298d ago | Spam
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1298d ago
square enix: You were hoping to enjoy this game? Can't let you do that starfox

sorry, it was too perfect
user5467007  +   1298d ago
Wouldn't it make more sense to just make FF15 out of FF13 Versus...

Surley a name change and shuffling a few things around with the FF13 mythology thats in Versus would be better and even cheaper then canceling a project they've put so much money into.

Final Fantasy Versus becoming FF15 would be better then just cancling this all together.

The thing which makes me think it's true is that fact that they said they arn't commenting on rumors...well if it wasn't true, such a big thing like this, they would confirm or deny it straight away
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xtheownerzx  +   1298d ago
SE can suck it. This was the only final fantasy title that i was highly anticipating for the PS3 and if this comes to fruition then I am seriously done with all SE proverbial PR BS. I really hope this isnt true and if it ism this most certainly confirms the downfall of SE.
The_Devil_Hunter  +   1298d ago
So Suare basically just said, Devil Hunter, we know you have been waiting for this game since you where in eight grade and you have been exciting for this but the truth is we dont care. v Really though, This was the only game I was looking forward to since the beginning of this gen. I dont like to curse but this is fucking unbelievable, and plain ridiculous. Square is no more. Whats next Kindom Hearst III is forgotten as well?
Bobby Kotex  +   1298d ago
I got a PS3 in 2010 and was really looking forward to FFXIII. At chapter 9 and 20+ hours in, I realized I was being trolled. I just quit the game and quit Square Enix.
Lovable  +   1298d ago
Just about time to announce this. It's a shame, but we gotta accept it one way or another...Might as well deal with this now than hope for nothing...sigh
iWishTifaWasReal  +   1298d ago
This is the only effing reason why a bought a PS3.

and remind me again DID ANYONE ASK FOR A FFXIII sequels?
OmegaSlayer  +   1297d ago
Funniest thing ever is that some blockhead from SE said this gen lasted way too long, but they released only 3 games: the last odissey and the 2 FFXIII.
Wii is not "this gen" technically
Disccordia  +   1297d ago
I guess you meant last remnant but yes you're right. Three console games is a bad return. I think their Tokyo studios are being totally mismanaged..
the bastards  +   1297d ago
Watch, when ms buys it's version of the game, the game will have a confirmed release date shortly after.
zeddy  +   1297d ago
i bet you its not dead, they wouldnt waste any work they've already done. they'll just turn it into the next ff, which will be multiplat $$$. dont think i'll buy another ff game until they sort things out.
showtimefolks  +   1297d ago
Its SE so something like this is expcted they are so dumb that they don't even release games their fans want yet keep making sequels for ff series that are not up to FF standard set last gen

KH HD collection would do so well sales wise but why make it since we are too dumb to understand

FF7 remake

sequels to dues ex

SE wake up
DarkHeroZX  +   1297d ago
SE is the new Sega lol.
Nitrowolf2  +   1298d ago
SE is completely dead to me if true.

Thanks for FF13, 13-2, and 13-3 SE, no really thanks -_-

I know it's been 6 years, but f SE. They should have just came out and told us now they'll have another FF7 on their hands with people holding onto this forever and still thinking it'll come out someday.
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ArchangelMike  +   1298d ago
I'm willing ot bet that FFvsXIII is now the much rumoured FFXV o.0
WeskerChildReborned  +   1298d ago
Let's hope all this is just a rumor and not confirmed to be true.
Qrphe  +   1298d ago
Most likely just a rumour guys calm down
Afterlife  +   1298d ago
Exactly. Their was alot of bs before E3 as wel with a sequal to ff12, Versus being rebranded to 15 and a KH collection that sounded fake, 5 games on 1 disc. It'some dik on the internet.
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Qrphe  +   1298d ago
It's Kotaku after all
Fishy Fingers  +   1298d ago
Just make it multiplat, if that can garner some extra resources and actually get the game out the door so be it. Multiplat game > vapourware exclusive.
DonMingos  +   1298d ago
seeing how XIII-2 only managed to sell 500.000 copies on the 360, the difference wouldn't be that relevant to justify port it to anotheer plataform
greenpowerz  +   1298d ago
My number based on VGcharts... grain of salt alert
That's $30,000,000 from the 360 version. Not bad for a dying genre. Post the PS3 numbers please. The game has only sold 2,001,868 as of July 7th lol

Skip the 360 version of XIII-2 and only sell a little over a million copies on PS3?(I say "a little over a million" because I don't know if you're spinning your numbers or if you got them from VG-charts like my numbers)

If Versus is more than just a Turn base JRPG it will do great on 360. If they can add value for people's money with modern gameplay designs and production values the franchise will do better(replay value like Western RPGs, choice making etc). Making prettier cartoon movies/cutscenes will not interest core gamers.

The game is tarnished anyways, Sony prematurely announcing games and hyping them for years with no releases will severely damage the interest and confidence that this is a quality product. If anything it's either canceled or a multi platform game finally done right from these developers.

The Dog dragon game won't survive this tactic because it doesn't have the Big name like FF does. I forgot the name of the game. Little boy with a giant white DOG BEAST.
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DonMingos  +   1298d ago

2000000 is not "a litlle over a million".

This is another case like gt5. And that did turn out very well commercially after all those years of hype.

And versus is exclusive so that they can take full advantage of the hardware. Maybe you are right and it becomes multiplatform and comes out on PS3 and the wiiU. That would make more sense than PS3 + 360. Since the 360 is almost unexistent on this game major market (Japan)
greenpowerz  +   1298d ago
@ above
Sorry I didn't make my comment clear enough.

My 2 million number came from VGcharts. For all I know he pulled his number out of his ass. I don't know if 360 sold more than 500,000 or not so I said a little over a million for PS3 knowing my numbers were probably bloated to begin with from VGcharts.

If you Google the game it was considered a major flop across the web and any specific console figures are months old.

500,000 + 1,500,000 = 2,000,000
Now take into account that the 2 mill from VGC is bloated and or donmingos was using numbers that favored his point that are skewed or not true. I told you where my numbers came from.
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DigitalAnalog  +   1297d ago
At this point in time, it would not be financially wise to do a multiplat issue regardless. Considering it took this long to built the game ground up for the PS3, having to port all those assets on the 360 (possibly the Wii-U) would require additional manpower and most possibly nearly doubling their resources.

If it were to be a multiplat, the safest bet is to release it as an exclusive and when SE decides there is enough revenue to push a port, it would do so.
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skyrim  +   1298d ago
If this is true can't say it's to shocking people know something was going on with this game for awhile now.
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elda  +   1298d ago
I personally think this is true,it's been six years now & nothing to show since Jan 2011,also it may have something to do with the fact of it being a PS3 exclusive,maybe Sony is not funding the project?? Hopefully Square will shed some light on this because so many fans were waiting for this game.
Afterlife  +   1298d ago
If there's nothing before or at TGS then it's dead.
stonecold3  +   1298d ago
yep i have to agree i was waiting for this game if this is true or not.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1298d ago
I like how Ppl over exaggerate on How bad XIII and XIII-2 are they are not even bad games. VersusXIII is not dead nor is the Final fantasy series a few supposdly bad games in a series makes it dead rlly? I welcome XIII-3 it needs a proper end to lightning and co. VersusXIII W8 till TGS maybe Square will have something.
Afterlife  +   1298d ago
Even though XIII-2 addressed some issues, I still thought XIII was better. TGS will hopefully re annouce this game.
#10.1 (Edited 1298d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
TiberusX87  +   1298d ago
Agreed. XIII had it's mistakes, but XIII-2 was a definite improvement and a solid 4-STAR game. I too welcome XIII-3 as I know it is being developed by a different team and won't impact the other titles.

The XIII titles were directed by Motomu Toriyama. He had never directed the core FF series before besides the also controversial X-2 and tried a new approach which just didn't work. His ideas have evolved with XIII-2 and I welcome a conclusion as they have the resources to complete his vision for those fans who are still interested, but I also doubt he will be given the directors chair again.

I will wait till TGS before I decide on this rumour, but the XIII brand is simply tainted and I think this game just could never live up to the expectations put on it by fans. "The last saving grace for SE" - It is just doomed to fail and faces the same problems as a VII remake. I hope to see it in a re-branded form still, but I think Ito's team and a massive open world FF:XV will be the best direction for their recovery.
#10.2 (Edited 1298d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
guitar_nerd_23  +   1298d ago
They're not exactly great games either though... The negativity is a bit exaggerated because people expected better than average/good games from the brand.

The brand name *used* to be synonymous with the highest quality Jrpgs with excellent production values. Where as now they just have great production values and mediocre game design.
#10.3 (Edited 1298d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
xtreampro  +   1298d ago
I can guarantee you that about 90% of the people on this site haven't played FF13 or FF13-2. Just because a couple of people who barely played the game complained the rest followed like sheep and since then they've all hated the both games.
#10.4 (Edited 1298d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
DragonKnight  +   1298d ago
I can guarantee you that you just posted a comment of the highest grade of bullsh*t. FF13 is the worst travesty of an FF game to ever exist, and that includes the likes of FF2 with its bad leveling system and ff3 with its less than memorable existence. FF13-2 tried to clean up a turd, but in the end it's still just a turd. And yes I played both, not "barely" either.
guitar_nerd_23  +   1297d ago
I completed both, although I really didn't need to to discover they're were pretty meh :)

edit: Actually I lie I don't think I finished XII-2 but must have been near the end as it was all heading towards the finale I was somewhere after the bit with all the re-arraging platforms in from memory in the future where you have hope helping with a fleet of airships.

edit2: If you say that's where it starts to get good I'll slap you with my mind, you shouldn't wait 40 odd hours for a game to get good if that's the case here.
#10.4.2 (Edited 1297d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
tigertron  +   1298d ago
I know its the Duke Nukem Forever of Final Fantasy but all we can do is hope that the rumour is false. Although I wouldn't put it past them. After all, its taken them 6 years and they still haven't given us a release date.

If we don't hear anything at the TGS then we'll know for sure. So fingers crossed.
#11 (Edited 1298d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
guitar_nerd_23  +   1297d ago
So it will be out in 2016 and be cack? /s :P
helghast102  +   1298d ago
Betcha it's Final Fantasy XV
TheLyonKing  +   1298d ago
I hope it isn't true and I hope square would know te market would be there.

Oh life you are so cruel. Wouldn't suprise me of Wada axed kh 3 cause he doubts anyone wild buy it.
waltyftm  +   1298d ago
I don't believe this at all, either it's a name change (dont blame them for not wanting anything to do with 13) or just total crap.
#14 (Edited 1298d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
stuna1  +   1298d ago
^^This^^ It would make perfect sense that they would want do away with the stigma and mixed reception the FFXIII story line has adopted!

What better way to do that, than to give it a name change, I for one find it unlikely that SE would can the entire project!
slaton24  +   1298d ago
i like the name FFVsXIII its final fantasy vs XIII
spinbot_lv1  +   1298d ago
square-enix last week complained about the current generation because Sony and microsoft have extended his life cycle.And now after 6 years of development there's nothing about this game only a cg cutscene.Maybe they need 3 console generation to publish 1 decent game. Anyway I'm not interested in their obsolete conception of RPG games with boring turn based battle, random enemies and long CG cutscene. Meanwhile I enjoy two great rpg : Mass effect 3 and Skyrim. Ah! Only few weeks ago at E3 quare Enix President Yoichi Wada has claimed that he wants to ”surpasses The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” in gameplay, graphycs, and sales with the next FFXV Ahahahahahahaha this make my day ahaahahaha.
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Neo-Axl  +   1298d ago
My pissed off level is Rising.. Final Fantasy Versus XIII had better NOT be cancelled.
Omnislash  +   1298d ago
If this is true it would mean that this is officially the worst gen in video games ever.

No proper Final Fantasy would just be abyssmal, not only that but if they announce FF13-3 its time for Wada to take a hike!
silkrevolver  +   1298d ago
The game looked far along... and that was over a year ago.
If these assets are being “folded” into another Final Fantasy, then I’d wager it’s FF XV, and it will be great.

Please, for the love of fuck, be great.
iamlegend9999  +   1298d ago
Well this kinda ruined my day. Oh well, as long as they give me my final fantasy XIII-3 and start working on Kingdom Hearts 3 and we've got a deal square enix
Veneno  +   1298d ago
I'm guessing they cancelled this project for the current generation and are going to move it into the next, perhaps as the same game but multiplatform, or as a new game but with the same assests.
If the game does resurface in one way or another I strongly feel it will become multiplatform. Everyone thought FF13 wouldn't go multiplat, but it did.

Same thing is going on with Agent. Either its quietly cancelled or going multiplat into the next generation. L.A. Noire anyone?

And the Last Guardian is just plain cancelled.
ApolloTheBoss  +   1298d ago
Yeah I think it's safe to say that Square does NOT want to cancel this game. If they do there's gonna be some serious nerd rage to pay.
MaideninBlack  +   1298d ago
I hope so. Got sick of being strung along by Square Enix and Nomura year after year.

*wait until FFXIII, then wait until FFXIII-2, next year will be the year will be Versus' turn...etc, etc
#22 (Edited 1298d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
KingofGambling  +   1298d ago
This would just piss off more FF fans. After the disappointment of FF 13 I thought FF Versus would be their comeback, earning the trust of FF fans.
mangobeefcake   1298d ago | Spam
LoLZoRz  +   1298d ago

but I remember reading an article where one of the SE's employers said that we do not have to worry and that FF Versus XIII will be released.
Eazy-Eman  +   1298d ago
seriously?? So much potential down the drain if true :/
Lucretia  +   1298d ago
yeeeeeah fat chance. with all the want for this game why would square just ditch the game after such a long time.

its going to come, this is just a flaimbait article. they're just trying to get hits.

the game will come so im not worried. its tetsuya nomura's baby right now, highly doubt he would let it die so easy
goldwyncq  +   1298d ago
If they do, then I'll never buy a game from them again.
cozeh  +   1298d ago
I refuse to believe this news 'article' of Kotaku's. It's sad that they're resorting to these types of articles to garner website hits. Rumours will always be rumours, this is as sensationalist as it gets.

What pisses me off even more is that people here aren't even questioning this kind of article and are just accepting it as the truth.

Gotta love 'merica.
omarzy  +   1298d ago
Interview in Gameinformer says otherwise, but ok.
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