Unwired Hands-on Video: MacBook Air

Apple invited Unwired down to London to watch a streaming broadcast of the Steve Jobs keynote at MacWorld San Francisco. After listening to Steve for an hour or so, Unwired finally got to go hands on with the new product announcement - the stunning MacBook Air.

The Air is incredibly thin, and an amazing feat of engineering - although the lack of a replaceable battery is a bit of a killer. Check out the show for Unwired's face time with the new notebook.

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moujahed3683d ago

Great, now when yu get mad at your laptop and bang on it, you'll actually snap it in half this time. YES!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder it this will be in the 3, or 5 thousands.

ktchong3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )


Coke-a-Cola3683d ago

I bought a Spanky Macbook Pro as it hit the market last summer, just under 3 grand Canadian. I am run a 30 inch apple display from this book .....Stunning .

But this Skinny little baby is so Pretty. .......makes my Macbook look like a dinosaur ....Here We go again.