GTA V planes need realism

Product-Reviews writes: Planes need realism and limitations – there will need to be a balance when adding a bigger map and planes in GTA 5, and Rockstar will need to offer a certain level of realism for it to feel real when flying these aircraft, but also limit them in some way to stop things getting out of control and feeling too unrealistic. One of the biggest asks for GTA 5 is modifications for weapons, vehicles and planes. If Rockstar bring these features to the next game it would be interesting to see how they keep a balance of gameplay and realism.

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danswayuk2009d ago

These aircraft will be built from scratch so it should be pretty cool.

WeskerChildReborned2009d ago

Realism for planes would be nice.

hennessey862009d ago

it to be a plane simulator, they need to be fun to use and play around with.

Chris5582009d ago

Yea i dont give a fuck about realism make it fun like in saints row the third

T3MPL3TON 2009d ago

If they made it like SR3.. it'd sell just like SR3. That would be a BAD thing.

Chris5582009d ago

I only meant the planes those were really fun

Grap2009d ago

SR3 was [email protected]#. just poorly made it's not even funny.

AJ Hartley2009d ago

As long as they fly thats realistic enough for me.