Don't be that guy: Noob vs Pro

"In past editions of this column, I've discussed cheap strategies and the effects they have on their victims. Be it campers, noob-tubers, or people who always play as Ken in Street Fighter games, we've come up with a universal name for individuals who rely on such unsportsmanlike play styles. They aren’t just “cheap” anymore. Nowadays, they’re called noobs," writes Bitmob.

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THR1LLHOUSE2336d ago

Seems pretty obvious but people still haven't picked up on it: If you can't beat someone who is using a "cheap" strategy (unless there's hacking involved or something), it's because you probably aren't very good at the game.

Just watch any fighting game match between someone who *actually* knows what they're doing and someone who is just button mashing. Button mashing might get you pretty far, but it's probably not unbeatable.

acronkyoung2336d ago

Completely agree. Find a way around that cheap strategy.

DrRobotnik2336d ago

What if there is no way around that cheap strategy. The crappy thing about playing online is that you can't unplug the other persons controller in anger, lol.

SybaRat2336d ago

When you use an exploit that requires hitting a 5-frame window perfectly, I think it goes from "cheap" to "highly skilled."

Reverent2335d ago

I don't know why someone would disagree with you.

SeekDev2335d ago

Yeah, that's highly skilled sure, but the outcome is cheap.