New Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance gameplay tutorial

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance get a brand new tutorial gameplay. If you are a fans you going to love this.

The game play looks great in motion and super fast pace action.

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DaThreats2044d ago

Why did the sword go through the watermelon but not through the table?
Did you see that?
They shouldve had it stop at the table
And why is the tutorial in the 360 version

brodychet2043d ago

"Enough with Blade Mode" "Okay, use Blade Mode to take care of Cyborgs."

SavageFlamingo2044d ago

Well it's not finished yet.

Lord_Sloth2043d ago

1. =/____\=
2. Does it matter why? It's a virtual training program even in the plot.
3. Yes.
4. You seem to be going on about the table...
5. Most games are showcased on the 360.

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NewZealander2044d ago

actually i thought it looked pretty good, worth a rental at least.

Whitefeather2044d ago

This a game worth buying day one to me not a rental.

dragon_rocks2044d ago

Isn't this just plain news stealing here? The site simply published the news posted at IGN and even embedded IGN's video but never bothered to give credit to them?

rdgneoz32044d ago

Not sure why the disagrees, the video says IGN in the bottom right...

Afterlife2044d ago

You are correct. Alot of users on here have thier own website and steal information from the original source. Thier are good sites but most of then are bad.

SavageFlamingo2044d ago

Initially, I was going to just going to ignore this game. But looking at this, I may have to get this game.

Ramas2044d ago

if it would come out this year i would get it, but early 2013? lets see: Ni no kuni, beyond two souls, the last of us, dead space 3,tomb raider. would i have money or time left to play this medicore stuff? maybe later when it will hit bargain bin.

Whitefeather2044d ago

I still will. Remember different people buy different things at different times.

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The story is too old to be commented.