Volition acknowledges 'Saints Row: The Third' PC performance issues

Volition has acknowledged ongoing issues with the PC version of Saints Row: The Third, but promised it’s still plugging away at them.

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Moragami2340d ago

What problems are they talking about?!? I've been playing Saints Row 3 for months now with a 5850, and it's played flawlessly in every way.

It funny how all the fanboy-trolls posted about how great their Nvidia cards are. Yeah guys, you're geniuses because you buy Nvidia.

StayStatic2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

"a 5850, and it's played flawlessly in every way"

The drivers are under performing a lot compared to Nvidia ones even if the game is playable it's still at a much lower fps and certain settings have to be turned off. Also it is a hit a miss issue, so while it may not effect everyone , it still is frustrating to a lot of ATI owners who can't put up the settings without getting a slide show on a good graphics card , unacceptable.

However there is a little light at the end of the tunnel , straight from the horses mouth :