Virtual Insanity

This is a weekly spoof of industry news that is published every Friday as a part of the "Are you dumb enough to believe this?" series.

Where are the virtual reality 3D games that were promised us decades ago? What is holding up the technology that would totally immerse us in a virtual world? According to a report just released from the American Mental Health Society, the answer is more terrifying than anyone could have predicted.

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ravinash3771d ago

"This pair of synapse pathways cause the brain to become cognizant on two different levels: one interpreting data normally, and the other contradicting those conclusions, essentially telling the brain that nothing is real".

That is funny. I did try one of these thing many years ago....maybe thats why I look at the world today and think this can't be right....where is the flying purple box with wings???

The Killer3771d ago

and it wasnt that scary or that will make me think the reality to non reality, but the graphics was so terrible, however the graphics now is more advance and in the following years it will be closer and closer to reality in visuals, so if u put that thing on ur head and with 7.1 sound system and playing GTA4 or 5 etc, i can imagine many of stupid people or with weak personality (those who get effected fast by things around them) get confused and try the things which happened in the visual world in the real world!

the thing i dont understand is why will the brain tell us after taking off that helmet off of our head that what we see(in the real world) can be not real?? i mean the eyes never lie,smell,hearing,touching and tasting also never lie, so what will make my eyes see my street to look like not my street or like its a game? beside these helmets dont provide all sensing, they provide only sight and hearing, and the sight can never be as real as real life, so while i play in that thing i should still be able to see the not reality in its visuals!!