Kurt Angle Teases He's In WWE '13

Kurt Angle posted something interesting on this twitter page today claiming he's in WWE '13

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GanjaMan2310d ago

has anyone told america yet that wrestling isnt real lol?

ACBAA2310d ago

lol nah, let them believe...

DeadlyFire2310d ago

He is, but TNA has no video game license to tie him to at the moment.

Without competition THQ is going to die and WWE will go somewhere else. Reaching for what fans desire in a video game is their last card to play. If it doesn't work THQ might lose WWE License.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232310d ago

i hope THQ stay in business but it would be nice for WWE to go to EA....its already a yearly update with small changes and it means a possible chance of WWE coming to the PC.

hope THQ sort something out as i have enjoyed some great games from them guys.

WeskerChildReborned2310d ago

Yep so idk why he would be in the game.

mrbojingles2310d ago

I hope so. He belongs back in WWE anyway. He says he wants to retire there someday.

He does have a habit of running his mouth too much on Twitter though. Also it's pretty funny how all these TNA wrestlers just openly talk about going back to WWE in the future. Morgan, Foley, Flair, Angle.

DeadlyFire2310d ago

Well TNA could be better, and WWE is going downhill. I used to be excited all the time and a real diehard fan, but its just so uninteresting that I only watch it when I am to lazy to flip the channel. Now they are pushing for 3 hours. Oh joy.

MrBeatdown2310d ago

Hope it's true (damn true!), but Kurt Angle and things said on the internet probably aren't the best combination.

Dday1412310d ago

Come on guys, lets wrassle!

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