Top 5 Games for Cheaters writes, "And the world was turned on its head. Figuratively speaking, anyway. In actuality, the above series of button presses granted a player instant access to all of the power ups in the NES side-scrolling shooter, Gradius. This code, created in 1986 by a Konami developer hoping to speed through the testing phase, would later become known as the “Konami Code” after being popularized by a little game called Contra as the “30-lives” code."

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acemonkey2315d ago

i see cheater i think of boosters...i was about to say any game with trophies or achievements most people boost

thorstein2314d ago

Yeah, the article creator should have picked a better term. It isn't about cheating, wherein the top 5 would have been COD. Cheaters use aimbots, wallhacks, and glitches to win. A better headline would be "Top 5 Games for Cheat Codes." or "Top 5 Cheat Codes for Games."