Free Pre-Order Character Mechromancer in Full Production as Borderlands 2 Heads to Certification

Gearboxity - Today, we have some exciting new to share about Borderlands 2 -- the game is headed to certification!

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HebrewHammer2334d ago

Just launch the bastard tomorrow!

ApolloTheBoss2334d ago

As MUCH as like that to happen, it can't. See every game is finished at least 2 months in advance before it's release date, so they, as the article says, can go through certification. After that the studio sends the master disc to the factory where the millions upon millions of copies are made. You can't do that overnight.

HebrewHammer2334d ago

Way to take my hopes and poop all over them. Sheesh!

banjadude2334d ago

If I remember correctly (as per an interview on gametrailers), you have to beat the game at least once, in order to actually play as the Mechromancer.