Battlefield 3: Armored Kill – Bandar Desert and Alborz Mountain Gameplay Trailer Analysis

MP1st - "All-out vehicle warfare approaches. Earlier today, DICE and EA unleashed a brand new gameplay trailer featuring two maps from Battlefield 3's upcoming DLC, Armored Kill. We've picked apart the epic new footage, getting a better look at some of the new vehicles, locations and gameplay changes.

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Tonester9252309d ago

Can't wait to kick up some sand with the ATV. Hopefully the person on the back can throw C4's onto the tanks as we ride passed.

The strategy lol

SillyBastid2309d ago

looks incredible... but definitely worried about conquest on consoles. Rush will be incredible though.

DeadIIIRed2309d ago

One of my fondest memories in the BF series was riding on the back of an ATV with a buddy while an attack helicopter chased us down for about three minutes before he slammed into a mountain

B-radical2309d ago

Keen as bobby kotick is about making money