Mass Effect: A Political Metaphor or a Strange Coincidence?

Mass Effect content is full of all different types of characters ranging from all different types of races with different political stances. The different characters, races and political parties within the game can easily be compared to the different races and political parties from reality. Is Mass Effect one giant political metaphor or is it all just mere coincidence?

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FrightfulActions2287d ago

I seem to recall reading a very similar article here on N4G not too long ago, only it went into pretty much all the races. The Geth thing is new though. Made me laugh.
"If the Geth are the Jews of Mass Effect wouldn't that make 'Destroy' Shepard the successor to Hitler?"

joab7772286d ago

It's interesting. My only issue, and I know the comparisons are not perfect, is that Muslims came from Jews and Christians, not the other way around. The Jews would be the oldest, most ancient race.

Brek_Erickson2287d ago

Hahahaha. Interesting point. As far as finding other article on this topic, other than a few forums, i couldn't really find much content on it with any indication as to whether or not it was far as other races and cultures I DID notice some other similarities but i chose to leave them out for the sake of not stepping over the line of racism. This article is merely a comparison and is in no way intended to offend anyone.

Brek_Erickson2286d ago

@Joab77- Yeah. There comparisons I made in this article are only that of certain traits of the cultures/stereotypes of their respective counterpart. Of course there are also going to be differences as well, I.E The Quarians are not an EXACT mirror image of the Islamic middle easterners. the main idea of this bit would be to ask the question, "Do you think this was intended? or was it just coincidence?".

2286d ago
Brek_Erickson2285d ago

@Blacklight82 - Right...Yeah, totally. :)