Six video-game icons acting hilariously out of character

The video game industry is littered with great characters, but they’re often a bit … well, one-dimensional. They usually show up in adventure after adventure doing the same exact things, acting the same exact way, even saying the same exact lines. So it’s fun to see some of the biggest icons in virtual entertainment act out of character, even if just for the sake of crude, not-safe-for-work entertainment.

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majiebeast2222d ago

Do you know what would be funny Diablo acting like a woman with pms oh wait...

ninjahunter2222d ago

Lol Duke nukem and the zelda ones were a knee slappin good time.

TekoIie2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Am i right in thinking Nolan North is not doing the voice acting in the Subway ad?