GATT: New Poets of The Muse Music Video Leads To Alan Wake 3 Allusion

GATT: GamerX - For those of you whom have Alan Wake on Steam, you may have noticed the game downloading a bit of something in the past few days, but aren’t able to tell what it is. Well if used in Steam it is in your Alan Wake folder with a folder titled bonus. This video comes months after the release of both AW PC and AW: AN – however it features footage that isn’t present in any of the current games, such as Alan with his wife Alice in the darkness. This has yet to occur in any game as in Alan Wake she was stolen from you, and American Nightmare had her in the real world till she reunited with Alan thanks to his novel “Return”. What the new game is based about we currently have no idea — however after contacting the publisher to get some beans spilt, I was told I would get some great news soon.


Sorry about the title mistake.

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PockyKing2338d ago

Did I miss Alan Wake 2 at some point?

Letros2338d ago

I was thinking the same thing, American Nightmare =/= AW2.

Convas2337d ago

If true, I can't WAIT. Alan Wake is one of the best games of this generation IMO.

Frankfurt2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Wow, you guys approved news with TWO mistakes?

Read the name of the group, please. "Fall", not "Muse".

Also, "War" is an old song, this clip is OLD!

Jesus, guys!

Kran2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

The sad reality of this is... the music video is actually 2 years old...

This guy acts like it's new.