The Original Dead Space Was Actually Supposed to Have Co-op

We've gotten our greasy hands on the latest edition of GameInformer magazine and while reading their E3 preview of Dead Space 3, we learned a few new details that might surprise fans of the series.

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pixelsword2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

"...we learned a few new details that might surprise fans of the series".

Not if they also get Game Informer. :D

PockyKing2338d ago

True fact, but for those who don't...

pixelsword2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

...can read the title of this post.

Just kidding; go ahead and read the article. :D

dedicatedtogamers2338d ago

Suuuuure it was supposed to be in the original...

And Sony thought of PS Move before the Wiimote, right?

Skate-AK2338d ago

There is no way to know who came up with what first. Sony has motion control patents that date to before Wii launched. So we don't know who had the idea first we just know who brought it to market first.

ChunkyLover532338d ago

I think the atmosphere is much better without party members or co-op players. That is just my opinion though.

Megaton2338d ago

Majority opinion. Having some guy near you for constant banter kills any sort of scary/tense atmosphere.

pixelsword2338d ago

Not if he's making those breathing noises from Nightmare on Elm street.

Adexus2338d ago

I agree, it does really make it less tense but I'm just glad on DS3 that if you aren't playing co-op then that guy won't be beside you like on RE5.

@Pixelsword: Lmao, that would actually be pretty funny.

maniacmayhem2338d ago

Co-op would have been fun but it would have definitely killed the excellent suspense and scary atmosphere of being truly alone in a hellish situation.

InTheLab2338d ago

I remember wondering about the Sprawl thinking damn, where are all of the not infected people. I eventually met a few and was happy to get back to being alone in the dark... The game is much better that way...

FarCryLover1822338d ago

The only way co-op would possibly still keep the fright factor is if ammo is extremely limited in nature and the best option is to run.

PockyKing2338d ago

OR at least make you use the partner to an extent. Allowing you to share ammo and supplies, kinda like in Resident Evil 5.

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