IGN - Six New Things We've Learned About Resident Evil 6

IGN - Resident Evil 6 is just over two months away from release. As the latest bio-terror outbreak approaches, Capcom has been unleashing trailers, demos and screenshots left and right. Its latest volley of visuals has been accompanied by a considerable amount of new commentary from RE 6 director Eiichiro Sasaki, which we've gathered here. Also included - three videos showcasing new parts of the Leon, Chris and Jake campaigns.

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-Mezzo-2311d ago

As a fan & a gamer who has bought & beaten each and every Resident Evil game, i'm really having a hard time getting excited about Resident Evil 6.

fastNslowww2311d ago

blinded by nastalgia. Once you get the chance to play the final game, you'll love it.

Robochobo2311d ago

Don't do it Mez, I stopped playing after 4 when I saw what they did with 5. Even Shinji Mikami doesn't feel so hot about RE anymore. Vote with your wallet this year, and they just might listen next time.