Xbox completes another profitable year as Xbox Live grows 15%

Microsoft has just announced its fourth quarter and full-year fiscal results for the period ended on June 30, and the numbers showed some positive sales growth for the Entertainment and Devices division, which houses the Xbox business. For the fourth quarter, sales grew by 20 percent, totaling $1.78 billion and for the year, revenues climbed from $8.92 billion to $9.59 billion.

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Sinner101GR2337d ago

Good to hear some nice news

HammadTheBeast2337d ago

Honestly, who actually gives a sh*t? Sure, it's nice for them, but it doesn't really affect me. Corporations are corporations in the end.

kreate2337d ago

Nice news for them. Continuous bad news for us gamers.
It means xbox live gold wont be free and we'll have more advertisements.

Imagine if xbox live is struggling. Gold would be free.

donniebaseball2337d ago

I would hope they could be profitable this late in the console cycle! Costs a lot less to build one of these machines now.

NYC_Gamer2337d ago

360 is a solid machine that offers content for all

Mustang300C20122337d ago

It this was true it should be reflecting but it doesn't. You can fanboy it out all you want but people play games and good ones at that on the 360. Don't be a Fluffer dude.

TedCruzsTaint2337d ago

Say what you will. It's all opinion.

Everything said and done, there are still more console-exclusive games on the 360 that I care for than on the ps3.

ZeroX98762337d ago

Define Good game, because I think we don't have the same taste at all.

I Like Halo and gears like crazy and I'm really into the uncharted series. LBP is an amazing game to play with friends at home just like castle crashers on 360 when it came out in 2008.

Preference and personal opinions are to be discussed with others, not shoved into their face. The 360 got a LOT of good games for sure, you probably never played one since launch.

_Aarix_2337d ago

What the f***?!?! i litteratly saw a comment like this but for the ps3 and there was nothing but praise

Zero, dont you dare use the " dont shove opinions in other peoples face" unless its the console that actually does gets shoved in peoples faces. Xbox has never been praises like the ps3 now since like 2007.

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Cocozero2337d ago

MS is raking in the money, they haven't cut price in four years and they are still the top selling console. No wonder they are aiming to sell their next console at $299 they got tons of cash to burn.

Dlacy13g2337d ago

Nothing says R&D costs like... Q4 saw a net loss of $263 million (as compared with a net income of $11 million a year earlier).

Skate-AK2337d ago

Idk why you have disagrees. That's totally plasuable if not expected this late into the cycle.

dcbronco2337d ago

The loss is because of the internet advertising company they bought. They downgraded the value by over 6 billion. As for 720 R & D, it has been done over the course of the last 6 or 7 years. If you look back at old articles they have mentioned that they had already started work on the 720 back in 2006 or maybe '05. Plus a ton of their work is done in-house. MS started hiring CPU architects back in 2004 and now have over 200 of them on their Redmond campus. They design their own CPUs now.

Dlacy13g2337d ago

I totally get the downgrade... but R&D costs whether in house or external will get a budget line. Engineers hired to research chips will have their salaries fall into an R&D budget, xbox 720 design, surface tablet design, new smart glass tech, all those costs may just get pushed into one fiscal year to make the hit just a one time blow versus a constant drain over a few years. Its bean counting... so i wont claim to be an expert. IMO I think its pretty clear that fiscal 2012 would have had a lot of R&D costs in it given all they are doing.

dcbronco2337d ago

Sure, all of that cost money. But not enough to cause a loss for this year since it was spread out over the course of the last six. Plus it is far cheaper to do the work in-house than to hire someone to do it for you. The other company is looking to make a profit. And in a highly specialized field like CPU design that will be a big profit.

MS does spend a lot on R & D. Billions a year. But I was speaking mainly to the cost of the 720. I would doubt that they spent more than 100 million for the last year. A lot of what I believe they are doing was also used to design the 360 S. So all of the cost was not directly to the 720. Like the SoC design of the CPU and GPU.

I exchanged e-mails with a reporter a few years ago about what is in MSs Devices division. We both found a lot of weird stuff. Like over 400 million in cost for Office for Mac advertising. It's hard to find the info but it looked to us that MS uses that division to hide expenses for other divisions to make it's core businesses look even stronger.

Plus you have to add the R & D for things like the New Surface and the old one. Zune used to be there. Different IPTV devices. MS is becoming a product company and all of those cost are in that one division. And most have been financial failures. But people know Xbox and they think all of the cost are for it. And the losses. But the reality is that the Xbox 360 has been a money making product for over 5 years.

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